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  • Hi there and thank you for a very useful plugin.
    Still, after activating it works on posts but NO TICK shows up on posts having the very same external links displayed on front page.
    Is this normal?

    One more question? If it is to be activated sitewide will links to other blogs belonging to the same network be treated as external links?
    Thanx again

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  • Plugin Author joel_birch



    Great to hear you find the plugin useful. The icons should show up on the front page so I’d like to have a look to see if I can see what is going on here. Are you able to post a link to the page, or send it to me privately? support at nofollowr dot com.

    Thanks for bringing up the matter of sites on the same network, I hadn’t considered it. If I recall correctly (I’m not at my computer at the moment) I use location.hostname to match the current URL. How would you like NoFollowr to treat sites on the same network?

    Really appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

    Plugin Author joel_birch


    I should add: please make sure you are using version 1.0 of NoFollowr. There were some early versions available from prior to its addition to the official WordPress directory which may exhibit the behaviour you describe.

    its not working for me i get this error when i click a link ” Apologies,but something seems to be amiss. Your link is probably unaltered. ”

    Plugin Author joel_birch


    @monzu02 – Do you mean it doesn’t work on the front page (as per the thread topic) or it doesn’t work at all?

    Do you have any other nofollow-related plugins active? Are you an admin user? Is the site on the same subdomain as your WP install or are you using the new multi-user (WP MU) functionality?

    Unfortunately, it’s hard to debug the issue because even if you sent me a link to your site I can’t see what it is like as an admin user. I need to know more about your setup if I am to help you figure out what the issue is, but thanks for the feedback anyway.

    Hello Joel,

    Thank you for your reply.

    i don’t have any other nofollow-related plugin active.
    Yes i`m admin user.
    No i m not using WP MU.

    when i click green tick mark i get that error.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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