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  • Hi.
    I did something to my blog, by mistake and it involves your plugin so I thought maybe you could help me out.
    The situation is this: I copied 2, maybe 3 ips (that Wassup plugin showed me as spiders) into your plugin (that option to redirect). I didn’t specify a place and I don’t think I put any commas or anything between the ips, I just copied them one under the other. I hit save and now I don’t have acces to my blog anymore. It doesn’t load and it just shows a completely blank page.
    I have to specify that I am not much of a geek and don’t think I fully understood what the plugin does, but I would appreciate it if you could tell me what happened or what I did wrong and if I can fix it.
    Is this fixable or did I totally compromise my blog? 🙁
    Thank you very much for your time and help..

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