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  • Plugin Author James Laws


    You have to go to the settings page and actually enable the features you want, like adding categories to pages and such.

    The new version works fine but now has a settings page under settings > Ninja Pages. Version 1.1 may not work as WordPress core progresses but the newer versions will.

    “2.1 is not displaying my pages as actually in it’s categories – 1.1 working well though – no worries!”

    i agree!!!
    2.1 is not working although settings page was set correctly first.
    I use suffusion theme.

    Plugin Author James Laws


    I have no answer for you as I can’t see your admin but I can confirm that 2.1 works perfectly. Pages are assigned categories or tags respectively and display perfectly unless themes are doing non-standard WordPress content presentation.

    I was having the same problem and forgot to check the “Add Pages to Category & Tag Archive Pages” box in the admin panel. Now it works fine.

    Hope this helps someone.

    The Ninja Pages plugin is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank you for creating and sharing it. Unfortunately, it isn’t working for me. Here is the problem.

    I am able to select the categories relevant to the page on the edit page screen, however when I visit the page, it displays all posts regardless of category or tag.

    I have enabled the following Ninja Page settings:
    -Add Categories to Pages.
    -Add Tags to Pages
    -Add Pages to Category & Tag Archive Pages.
    -Display immediate children on all Parent Pages.

    I am using the Responsive Theme, the third most widely used theme after the default themes twenty ten and twenty eleven, and I have made no changes to the theme other than changing the background color from the backend. I am using the latest version of WordPress, 3.4.1, downloaded yesterday.

    Any idea what might be wrong? I will appreciate any guidance.

    Plugin Author James Laws


    Can I see a link to you site and give me an idea of a page that you added to a category and what category you used?

    wow! that was fast!

    The menu items point to pages I set with Ninja Pages.

    Design Tips should show posts for Design Tips category.
    SEO Tips should show posts for SEO Tips category and so on.

    Plugin Author James Laws


    I guess I don’t understand what you are looking to happen. The plugin allows you to add pages to a category or tag and have them show up in the archive pages for said category or tag.

    So for instance, you created a a page called Design Tips and assigned it to the category of Design Tips. If you look at the archive for the category of Design Tips your page is listed there:

    For these pages you have assigned a template of “blog-excerpt” which I assume loops through all posts so you would see all posts when visiting pages with that template assigned.

    I want to have a page that displays excerpts of posts assigned to a specific category that can be accessed by clicking on a menu item from the main menu. When a visitor clicks the Design Tips menu item, they should be directed to the Design Tips page that lists excerpts of blog posts with the Design Tips category assigned to them, starting with the most recent.

    Maybe I have the wrong plugin?

    Plugin Author James Laws


    Just point your design tips menu item to:

    You SEO tips menu item to:

    and so on.

    Don’t really need a plugin for that.

    Ok, thanks for your patience. I’m expecting it to be more complicated than it is 🙂

    Plugin Author James Laws


    Not a problem at all. More than happy to help.


    Thank you, it was as simple as that, check the “Add Pages to Category & Tag Archive Pages” box in the admin panel. Now it works fine.

    I guess I missed it since it looks as if it is a sub-option of the Excerpt settings.

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