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  • Resolved lim2me


    Been using the heck out of Ninja Forms (and enjoying it so far). Here are a few suggestions:

    1. Choose position of checkbox: Currently it appears after the label text which looks kinda weird to me.
    2. Support Fieldsets & legend: I love that I can specify the heading level but fieldsets & legends would definitely come in handy.
    3. Add custom HTML: The Description Container almost works but it forces a wrapping element (p/div/span). I was actually trying to use it to add fieldsets.
    4. Conditional Fields: even if it’s in the pro-version only.
    5. Give elements custom IDs: I know Ninja Forms gives elements an incrementing ID but it’d be more convenient if I could specify the exact ID I wanted to give the element.
    6. Any plans to support HTML5 Form Elements & attributes?

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  • Plugin Author James Laws


    1. The label position can be adjusted for checkboxes just like the other fields. All labels default to left but can be changed.

    2. We will probably add this in a future version. We are working on a way of grouping form elements and this would fit well here.

    3. I’ll definitely look into this.

    4. We are working on a pretty cool conditional engine for the Pro version.

    5. Those ID’s are used for more than just giving a form a unique name and sense an element can’t have more than one ID I don’t think this would be something we could do but I will look at it with fresh eyes. 🙂

    6. Yes, there are plans.

    James, how close are you to getting the Conditional engine into the system. I’ve purchased Pro and I was hoping that it was in there.

    Also, when does the form’s answers get submitted when you have sections? When you click on NEXT or not until you click Submit? I’m guessing not until you click SUBMIT. How would you suggest submitting an unfinished form before you get to the end? My client wants users to have the ability to fill out part of the form (because it’s so long) and then go back in to modify it. Any suggestions with this would be very helpful.

    Thanks, Chris

    Plugin Author James Laws



    Conditional logic will be released in version 2.0 which is currently expected to be finished late this month (fingers crossed).

    The data is all sent on Submit although data can be validated prior to allowing a user to proceed when clicking next.

    I don’t think we’ll be adding partial submissions anytime soon. That is the main reason for the ability to save user progress that is available in the Pro version. That way they can fill out a portion and return later to finish.

    I hope that help explain things a little better for you and just a reminder as a Pro subscriber you have access to our private forums.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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