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    I think you have made a great form plug in, and I have been testing it in a localhost MAMP environment. I set up one form with various fields including some image uploads, and then tested it; this would have been about a month or so ago. Everything seemed to work. I knew that when the site was going to go live (not yet) that I would be creating more similar forms (I began creating another one), but as the test worked I left it.

    Now I am closer to live date, I tested again to make sure nothing had changed but now if i try to upload images I get an error message (front end). When i went to look at form settings and fields, the file upload fields i had put in my form were still there, but the option to add more was gone; I tried to create a new form and it was missing from there as well.

    This morning I saw there was an update so i have applied that but still no change. I have tried looking for jQuery conflicts as suggested on the plugin site but there are none that I can see; I have tried deactivating all the other plugins but nothing changes. Can anyone suggest a fix for this, or is this feature now only available in the Pro version? I can’t find any documentation relating to this issue anywhere. I am going to try deactivating Ninja Forms Lite, deleting it and then reinstalling to see if that makes a difference as well but given that the update didn’t change anything I’m not optimistic. I would appreciate any help at all on this.

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  • Plugin Author James Laws


    Couple things. The fact that you were able to do file uploads with the lite version was an anomaly. That feature is only available with the Pro version of Ninja Forms.

    The other issues are strange but there were a lot of major changes over the last couple of months so it’s possible the automatic upgrade hosed something upon update. Let me know if deleting the files and re-installing fixes those other issues.

    Thank you for your swift response, although it is very disappointing to learn that file uploads are not part of the lite version – I was so thrilled to discover they were when I first tried the plugin. I will obviously now have to consider whether it is worth me paying for the Pro version; not just the cost (which seems very reasonable) but because of the way I am trying to implement it, which is as follows; basically I have been trying out a variety of ways to create a low cost (preferably free!) property (real estate) section of my website (the main function of which is as an online expansion of a free local newspaper, which while it makes money, does not make a lot and every budget decision is crucial).

    I won’t know until it goes live whether there will be anyone who will want to submit their property for sale or rent using an online form, so I don’t want to spend money on the form if it either won’t work in the way I want it to, or if it turns out there is no demand for it. I was planning to use it in conjunction with the wp-property plugin and need to test the whole process, particularly how the property details and images would be accessed, transferred between the plugins and displayed, to ensure it wasn’t too unwieldy for either the front end or back end users.

    I understand the fact that Ninja want to make money as well, so I either have to stump up the money or find an alternative, but maybe you could be a little more careful which version you upload next time, and make the plugin information a bit clearer and easier to read so it is more obvious which features are not available in the free version? I have probably wasted two week’s work because of this. As I say, very disappointing.

    Plugin Author James Laws


    @awol I completely understand your frustration. I’m not exactly sure how it happened and you can assured that we will be more careful in the future. We will also work on all of your suggestions for even clearer documentation.

    Please accept our apology and if you should choose to purchase the Pro plugin I can assure you that in our private forums, support is second to none.

    If you would like to email us any questions that you have we would be happy to help you determine if this product is right for you before you make any purchase. You can email us at info[at]wpninjas[dot]net.

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