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  • Got a couple bugs to report:

    Uneditable Form
    This is a strange one and quite severe. It’s exactly as it sounds: the form can no longer be changed.

    I’m in the Form Fields tab adding form elements to an existing form. I click “Save Fields” and the page refreshes but my form elements do not appear. When I bring up the form I notice that my changes were not completely saved. It seems to save new form elements I added but does not save either their position nor how I’ve edited them.

    I wonder if it’s because the form is particularly long. If you give me your email address I can send you my WP database and you can take a look at it.

    Custom CSS Classes
    Class names are appended with an identifier based on their form element (e.g. ‘-wrap’ for radio buttons, ‘-field’ for text fields). I hope this isn’t intentional because it makes it impossible to use specific class names when importing CSS libraries like Normalize.

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  • Plugin Author James Laws


    1. You state that “the form can no longer be changed”. Does this mean that at one time they could be? If so, what changed between now and then?

    2. Concerning classes, that is currently intentional. I originally hadn’t considered needing an exact class name until a recent project of my own and we’re fixing this in a future release.

    Yes, the form could initially be edited. And I have no idea what changed between then and now. I was just editing the form like normal until I suddenly realized the edits weren’t being saved.

    So, it appears this has not been fixed yet? (The added class names being appended)

    This is quite difficult, if attempting to style a submit button to match existing theme styling. (i.e. I just want to add the class ‘button’ to the a Ninjaform Submit button field. But the custom class gets changed to “button-field”. And the only way to learn THAT is to publish it, then use something like Firebug to figure it out. Not user friendly at all)

    If it were CSS I was writing in a custom file, that would be workable… but the theme already has relatively complex button styling already created, and I just want to apply it to this form.

    Any updates on changes to this?

    EDIT: discovered a bigger problem… a space is being added before and after the custom class… effectively changing it to “. button-field ”


    Plugin Author Kevin Stover


    The WP Ninjas

    Hey Regent,

    We are currently working on Version 2.0 of Ninja Forms. This version is a complete re-write of the plugin from the ground up, and so problems like this are being taken care of in it. I don’t have a good eta for the lite release, but hopefully it will be sometime later this month.

    Hi Kevin, thanks for the quick followup.

    I’m aware of upcoming v2.0, and I’m considering purchasing Pro version now… in fact, I’m really ‘evaluating’ the usability now, as I have several sites needing forms… and one needs a working form ASAP. I have other options, of course, but I like much of what you’ve done.

    I’m also aware that your release schedule has been greatly slowed down from what was anticipated (like so many things nowadays!).

    So, I guess the real question is:
    Are you planning any kind of update/maintenance/bug fix for the current Lite version… or is all of that being held back for the 2.0 version?

    Regent12 Design

    Plugin Author Kevin Stover


    The WP Ninjas

    Hey Kellan,

    We are currently not planning on updating the current version any more. The reasons for the delay lie in some realizations we came to while developing the next major version of Ninja Forms. We were quite a ways into the new version, when we kept coming up with cool features we would like to add. As with most software development, it was hard to keep these features from creeping in and slowing things down. After we sat down and looked at our feature list, we saw that our dev track for version 2.0 wasn’t going to be robust enough, hence the decision to completely re-write the plugin code. It has taken us a lot longer to get the plugin out, but it means that we can add or remove features extremely quickly in the future. It also adds the ability for other people to extend Ninja Forms in ways that we haven’t even thought of yet.

    I know that’s not a great help for what you are working on at the moment, but that’s where we currently are.

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