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    I recently installed the latest WordPress and had need of a random quotes widget. After messing around with several others, I tried yours. It suggests it’ll do everything I need it do (mainly, install a widget for selecting random quotes). I ran into a few issues with it though, and thought I’d let you know.

    – I realize that the description for this plugin indicates its compatible with WP up to 3.0.5 and I’m running a newer version. However, I can’t imagine that the changes between 3.0.5 and 3.1.3 would (should?) affect your plugin this way. By all means, correct me on this. 🙂
    – I’m running this on a development WAMP server with all error checking and reporting enabled. It’s quite possible (with the exception of the second admin issue) that the issues I encountered have no actual effect on WP operation.
    – Please ignore the matter-of-factness of the following. It’s mostly just notes I made while trying to get your plugin working. I hugely appreciate the effort writing such a plugin requires; thank you!
    – In all my notes, {wppath} is the full file-based path to this site.

    Activation and use issues:

    1) A soon as I activate the nice-quotes-rotator, I get the following message at the top of every page (admin and public):
    Notice: Undefined index: mc_find_plugins in {wppath}/wp-content/plugins/nice-quotes-rotator/nice_quotes.php on line 15

    I fixed this by changing line 15 in nice_quotes.php from:
    if(isset($_GET["mc_find_plugins"]) && trim($_GET["mc_find_plugins"])){

    Nice Quote Options (admin):

    1) When attempting to use admin page, I get:
    Notice: Undefined variable: my_string in {wppath}/wp-content/plugins/nice-quotes-rotator/admin_page.php on line 229
    in 3 places.

    I fixed this by changing line 229 in admin_page.php from:
    return $my_string;
    return "";
    (Likely, omitting the “” would also work.)

    2) When using the admin page, the pulldown for:
    “This option defines which HTML tag is used to wrap the quote; this is especially useful if the theme has styling set up for specific tags”
    populates with a series of error messages. The SELECT (id=’nq_tag’) generates the following OPTION tags:
    OPTION value=’span’
    OPTION value=’blockquote’
    OPTION value=’p’
    OPTION value=’div’
    OPTION value=’pre’
    OPTION value=’tt’
    OPTION value=’code’
    There are two error messages for each OPTION:
    Notice: Undefined variable: labelStart in {wppath}/wp-content/plugins/nice-quotes-rotator/admin_page.php on line 219
    Notice: Undefined variable: labelEnd in {wppath}/wp-content/plugins/nice-quotes-rotator/admin_page.php on line 219

    I did not attempt to sort this one out, but it looks like this option is useless in its current state.

    Thank you for your contribution to WP; I’m looking forward to resolutions to the issues I’ve encountered with your otherwise excellent WP plugin!


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    Thanks for the comment. I really do appreciate the bug report.
    Nice Quotes has been updated to version 0.9 with these fixes:

    Nice Quotes Issue 1: fixed the way you suggested.

    Admin Page Issue 1: Defined $my_string as a null-string at the top of the function, in case I want to return something at a later date.

    Admin Page Issue 2: is fixed by defining <u>labelStart</u>, and <u>labelEnd</u> as a null-string at the start of the function. These fields are for labels that are included with checkboxes and radio buttons, if it is not a checkbox or radio button it should be a null-string.

    I also decided to increase the size of the textarea for quotes. Hopefully that will make it easier to add quotes; after using it for a while, I realized the default size in the DOM isn’t a practical size.

    Wow. That was quick! Thank you!

    Cool pluging! But do you guys happen to know of a nice plugin for rotating your own quotes, I mean, quotes that you define yourself rather than random quotes from the web?

    And actually, maybe I’m not looking for a quotes rotator but a quotes manager. The site I’m working on will have a “Quote of the Week” widget which, as the name suggests, will change every week. But I’d like the quotes database to save all the quotes in case users want to browse through older quotes of the week.

    Plugin Author CodeAndReload


    Mark, The plugin is best used for quote rotation not a static quote. You could rotate a single quote, and that quote could be a shortcode, but that kinda defeats the purpose.

    As for an quote/excerpt manager, I don’t really know of any, although I am leaving some suggestions in your other thread.

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