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  • I understand this is only for automatically emptying the cache, can you please add a link on how to set up a cache?
    what type of cache is this emptying?
    What is being cached anyway?

    I just moved to a new VPS server using nginx + PHP-fastcgi

    no caching set up yet, except for using the w3 total cache plugin.

    haven’t set any expires headers either, still reading up on that matter.

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  • Plugin Author rukbat


    Hi Ovidiu and thanks for your interest in our plugin.

    You can find a Nginx Configuration example in the Overview submenu page in Nginx Manager plugin page.

    Hope this helps.

    ah, I see. I should be fine with those examples, except I am not sure what these lines are supposed to be/mean/do:

    proxy_pass http://ALL_backend;`


    proxy_pass http://ALL_ADMIN_backend;

    what do I replace ALL_backend with? are those variables?

    oh and did Iread this right that all I need to replace in that example are:

    – /path/to/cache/your_cache

    and maybe the caching times/duration, I mean the rest are just set variables, right?

    Plugin Author Hpatoio


    proxy_pass http://ALL_backend;

    ALL_backend and ALL_ADMIN_backend are two variable that contains the addresses of all the backend and admin backend server.

    In our configuration we have something like

    upstream ALL_backend  {
      server backup;
    upstream ALL_ADMIN_backend  {
      server backup;

    About the things to change: the other values are about the cache duration etc. It’s better you read NGINX wiki for details.




    thanks for all that info, but I am wondering why the Nginx Configuration example in the Overview submenu page in Nginx Manager plugin page doesn’t even mention the need to set up the backends as Hpatoio explained. I think that is valuable information.

    Btw. is there a specific need to have a separate proxy for ALL_backend and ALL_ADMIN_backend?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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