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  • this problem arise also with wp version 3.01

    Just the image is shown with a the outer top the text with the link which is set as description:
    eg: [youtube][/youtube]

    this whole string appears.
    I checked well there’s no space or other character before the opening tag.

    how to fix?

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  • lightbox is set too in options/gallery

    Plugin Author Thorned Rose


    Hi Tofitoke. Sorry for the late reply! Our 4 month old baby takes up a lot of our time at the moment (not surprisingly).
    Can you please update to version 1.4 and use the new shortcode [nggvid][/nggvid] then let me know if that resolves the issue 🙂

    Hi. I have the same problem even though I am using the new shortcode. Can you help me? Also using latest version of plugin and WordPress. Thank you!

    same problem here in IE8… firefox & safari works fine

    same problem here in IE8… firefox & safari works fine

    Your site works fine in IE9…

    Yeah I know, but most of their clients still use IE8, they pinpointed my client that video’s where not playing, only the image pops up.
    Although sometimes it works, sometimes it is not… At first it works, then when you on 2nd NGG gallery page and then go back to the first, in IE8 the shadowbox pops up with just the image and not the video.

    Yes, you are right about that, just checked it out. It definitely needs to be adressed…

    Also having issues with IE8. All other browsers (IE7 included) appear to work fine. Can’t provide a link I’m afraid as I’m working off of a local test server.

    I think my issues might stem from using html in the description. As it’s been suggested in another thread, having the video link pulled from a custom field rather than the item description might be a better idea. A marriage of the NGG Video Extender and NGG Custom Fields plugin would be great! Much cleaner, simpler and client friendly.

    Wait scratch that, just tried reverting to the regular gallery.php file just pushing out a regular description. Still problematic and only showing the code in full text. In IE8 specifically. Perhaps a larger bug?

    First thank you for the great plugin.

    But I’m having trouble with IE8 as well. (other browsers are fine)
    I’m using the latest versions of NGG plugin, NextGEN Gallery and Shadowbox JS in WordPress v3.1.3

    I’m having this same issue with both firefox and safari on a mac.

    I keep getting the Youtube code as the Title and just a thumbnail. What setting should/could I change?


    I notice that there are no replies to this … I’m having the same issue at (on the Bronze, Silver & Gold pages). Although oddly, occassionally (about 5% of the time) one of them will play okay, and then it won’t.

    I’m using WordPress 3.3.1. IE8 (I had the same problem in IE7). Firefox is fine, it’s just Internet Explorer that has the problems, but I can’t launch a new site if it doesn’t work in IE.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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