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  • Hi all,

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post- but here’s my issue. I am trying to build a portfolio site for creative work. Static pages- not a blog. I have graphics that I would like to use as thumbnails. When the thumbnail (graphic) is clicked, the lightbox opens with a collection of images. The original thumb/graphic should not be part of the gallery (example: click on a logo to view work for that company). The user should not be sent to a page.

    After searching and reading for several days, I’ve found a few solutions that ALMOST achieve my goals. The best thing I’ve tried was:
    1. Put my graphic on the page.
    2. Put the NGG short code on the page.
    3. Get the link of the first image in the gallery using Firebug.
    4. Get the rel of the gallery using Firebug.
    5. Link the graphic to the first image of the gallery.
    6. Go to the advanced settings for the graphic and insert the rel info.
    7. Hide the gallery by pasting this <div style=”display: none;”>[nggallery id=1]</div> around the gallery shortcode in HTML view for my page.
    8. Update

    The above worked fantastically, except for one important detail- the first image repeats in the gallery. The code to hide the gallery came from this post. Many thanks to everyone that commented there. Very helpful. However, as the OP in that post said, the duplicate image is a problem. I cannot seem to exclude, remove, hide, whatever the repeated image.

    Is there a way to do what I’m after? Simply put:

    1. put a graphic on my page
    2. clicking the graphic opens a gallery
    Condition- the graphic is not part of the gallery and images are not repeated.

    If your solution involves code, please, please, please also say exactly where said code is to be placed (file and location within the file). I seem to have found a few code solutions, but I can’t seem to get any of it to work because I am just putting the code in files that seem appropriate, but as a noob, I’m just guessing and my guesses aren’t working.

    Thanks in advance.

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