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    Let me first start by saying thank you. I found your plug-in as a result of another Tumblr cross-poster dying due to the API v1 deactivation. This plug-in is better than I could imagine/hope-for and I will jump all over the Google+ upgrade if I can manage to resolve my current issues:

    1) It keeps creating blank entries for sites I didn’t add. Even after I remove them, I start seeing automatic entries for Blogger, Delicious and WordPress. Not a huge deal, but annoying.

    2) When I publish a post to Tumblr (and I am using the publishing option, not the CRON option), I get the following error when publishing:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function ns_doPublishToTR() in …/wp-content/plugins/social-networks-auto-poster-facebook-twitter-g/NextScripts_SNAP.php on line 312

    I refresh the page and no errors, WordPress says the post has been published (and it has), but it does not get cross-posted to Tumblr

    3) I can go back into the post edit and manually re-publish (great feature) and it does in fact publish, except that in spite of using %FULLTEXT%, it publishes just the shortened version and adds ‘READ MORE’ but the link goes to http:/// so it’s not even useful.

    Any ideas? thank you.

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  • Quick followup. I looked at some of the code and I feel weird that I’m the only one seemingly having this issue (maybe because I’m not doing cron), but I believe the code in line 312 of the main script is in error. where it says:

    } else { $fname = 'ns_doPublishTo'.$avNt['code']; $fname($postID, $optMt); }

    it should say

    } else { $fname = 'nxs_doPublishTo'.$avNt['code']; $fname($postID, $optMt); }

    as I checked the TR as well as some of the other scripts and there are no functions beginning with ns, they’re all nsx. So we’ll see how that works out when I post again.

    As for #3, I found the problem to be that you are using the_content filter which is fine, but I have a plug-in called Post Teaser so I don’t have to manually deal with more tags and it hooks into the filter, so it was basically truncating the text. I’m experimenting by adding a global boolean variable that I turn on when your posting function begins and turns it off when it ends.

    there must be a simpler, easier way, but I’m just tweaking at the moment.

    I also hardcoded tags I want added to every entry like I was able to specify with tumblrize. Would be nice if that were part of the config, but not worth it for me to do for just myself.

    fixing the code above did the trick, so I’m going to mark this as resolved myself, but please make a note it is a legitimate bug in the existing code.

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