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  • Plugin Author Benedikt Mo


    in a komplex way… You need to change css and js.



    Aww 🙁 Well, thanks anyway 🙂

    hi bolczan,

    did you manage to change it to vertical stance?

    hi oliviaok,

    Nope, i did not 🙁

    Oh well, tempted to have a play with it and see if i can change it- although my knowledge on coding is somewhat limited.

    there are no other plugins that are similiar, i have searched everywhere, do you know of any?

    ok well im not skilled enough to work this out

    would anyone care to make some suggestions to get the thumbnails to work vertically?


    Plugin Author Benedikt Mo


    Sorry, maybe later in another version.

    ok never mind! this plugin is the closiest ive come to finding what i need.

    BM0-design since you are the expert on this and have more knowledge than most do you know of any other plugins like this?

    Ideally like the one gallery used on etsy:

    thanks for input anyway

    hi there, i am in the process of making this verticle on the right for my own project, the only problem I run into is that the JS for the movement of the large image seems to center it based on the overall gallery dimensions (there is a large gap to the left of the image, which it uses to scroll, also some of the image is cut off, and the window displaying white instead of the image in place. i’ve fixed this and below is the whole fix i did to make it to the right.

    I have been flopping around in the files, and have done everything but make the thumb animations work (i have animation disavbled and in a grid layout to the right of the images. so i didnt bother) make a custom css for the styles(copy the content from the default css ) and then make both header and footer peices to float right or left, this really only matters if you have the thumbs under image selected)

    .scrollgallery .scrollGalleryHead{float:left;
    .scrollgallery .scrollGalleryFoot{float:left;width:600px;
    .scrollgallery .thumbarea{width:230px; max-width:230px;

    i think percents were working but i went deliberate, the important thing is that your total gallery needs to be total size i:e 825 in my case, youve got to mess with the overflow on the thumbs along with making them inline and the container having a max width or they will break out,

    my problem i ran into is after doing this the php uses the total width of the slideshow instead of the images veiw window, along with a “margin” between them that uses total width.
    this was on line 311-ish of the file nngscrollgallery.php
    $style='width:'.($newimagewidth-320).'px; height:'.($newimageheight).'px; max-width:'.($newimagewidth).'px; ';

    hope this helps, mabey after this project, ill export it as a template if you cats are interested

    @mreshovel I would love to be able to use this!

    Just discovered this plugin. Love it!
    I really needed the thumbs bar to be vertical though. So I thought I’d share the changes I applied to the CSS sheet. See code below.

    The only problem I still have is that, the way I did, the vertical bar gets a scroll bar if the total of thumbnails goes over the height of the scroll gallery. It’s OK but not great…
    If someone knows how to avoid that and rather have the same effect as with the horizontal bar of thumbs, please, post 🙂

    To see the result of my CSS, check this page –>

    The following values suit my settings and would probably need to be changed by anyone else :
    – the top margin of .scrollgallery .scrollGalleryFoot
    – the height of .scrollgallery .thumbarea

    – the width of .scrollgallery .scrollGalleryFoot (this fits with 50 X 50 thumbnails)

    The other changes include several changes that are not essential and just belong to my taste.

    The margin and height mentioned above are probably not the best way to do. I guess there’s a way so that you wouldn’t have to change those values each time you change your settings… Again, is someone knows better, pleas post.

    [CSS moderated as per the Forum Rules. Please just post a link to your site.]

    Ah well, the codes I just posted are gone (sory for not having read the forum rules about codes). I don’t have the courage to upload them somewhere now. If interested, contact me.

    OK already got contacted twice so here are the codes
    Scroll Gallery main css :

    Scroll Gallery Gray design css :

    wow thx…like it 🙂

    I got my scroll working, but then the scroll images is shaking when my mouse enter for the auto scroll. Did anyone have a solution?

    site is at
    gmail at jubilee.lewis

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