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  • HI there

    I am very new to WP and trying to set up a gallery for our drama group. I wondered whether you build an individual page from scratch to hold your Album (which I believe is a collection of galleries), or can this be generated by the WP/NGG plugin? ALso where does one insert the short code to alter the display of photos?

    I’d really like to have a page with thumbail links to the collections of each show we have performed.


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  • so no one can help then?


    I am very new to wp as well and had the same question. If I understood you correctly, I think you put the short code in the body of the post.

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for.

    Anyways, best of luck.

    Hi Andy,

    Not sure if your problem’s been solved yet but here are a couple of shortcodes you can use in your posts to display either a gallery or an entire album (container with list of galleries within it).

    From the sound of it, you want one album showing a thumbnail to each of your performances. The easiest way to do this would be to make a page – call it Photo Gallery or whatever you like. I assume you’ve uploaded images from each of your performances into separate galleries, yes? Go into Album (listed under Gallery on the left hand side of your dashboard.) Here you have the option to select an album or add a new album. Create a new one calling it whatever you like. Then simply drag and drop your galleries to this new album. Then click ‘Update’. Every album and gallery has a unique id which you’ll need to take note of.

    On your Photo Gallery page (or post if you prefer), insert this code:
    n.b. I’ve put a space after each [ and before each ] Delete these out if you’re cutting and pasting and don’t forget that ‘x’ = the id of your album, gallery or tag, depending on which shortcode you’re using.

    [ album=x,extend ]


    [ album=x,compact ]

    The first shortcode gives you a thumbnail of each gallery with the title and a description extending to the left of it. The second (compact)shows a small thumbnail with the title of the gallery below it. For the sake of clarity and neatness, I’d recommend the former ‘extend’ template for you.

    Alternatively, you can call individual galleries with this shortcode in your page or post:

    [ nggallery id=x ]

    or make use of any tags you might have given each of your images by calling images which fall into a specific category. You, for instance, might like to show a post that only has images of a particular cast member. If you use the tags for this, this particular post will update itself every time you tag another photo with that person’s name. Here’s the shortcode:

    [ nggtags gallery=x ]

    I’ve used the above to generate a page for each member of a band whose site I’m building. This way there’s a short bio on each person plus an ever growing output of images showing up beneath the bio. It’s much easier than going through every album and loading them up individually, trust me!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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