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  • Hi there, got a little problem with using WP Minify and Nextgen at the same time… actually I´m just looking for the right CSS or JS to exclude in the WP Minify-Administration. (that´s what I hope, the reason for my problem)

    I got a article with 2 pictures in it.
    I put them in, using the [singlepic id=38 w=320 h=240 float=left] code.

    If you click on the little picture, the big picture appears as it should (shutter) – the problem is now: I only see the effect as it should, but not the little picture! So there must be something wrong with understanding the code [singlepic id=38 w=320 h=240 float=left] I think.

    The strange thing is, all my other nextgen gallerys are shown correctly – only the “singlepics” not.

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  • Come on, no solution? 🙁

    Please help me…



    Come on, please help me someone – I can´t find any solution…

    singlepic is processed by php
    i dont think minify has much to do with it

    It is something to do with wp-minify. It corrupts the file probably due to whitespace.

    The uploaded picture is not corrupted, the single pic with wp-minfy disabled is not corrupted.

    Corrupted file tests:

    convert crap.png foo.png
    convert: Improper image header
    'crap.png' @ png.c/ReadPNGImage/2923.
    convert: missing an image filename 'foo.png' @ convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/2838.
    pngcrush crap.png foo.png
     | pngcrush 1.7.0
     |    Copyright (C) 1998-2002,2006-2009 Glenn Randers-Pehrson
     |    Copyright (C) 2005      Greg Roelofs
     | This is a free, open-source program.  Permission is irrevocably
     | granted to everyone to use this version of pngcrush without
     | payment of any fee.
     | Executable name is pngcrush
     | It was built with libpng version 1.2.40, and is
     | running with  libpng version 1.2.42 - January 3, 2010
     |    Copyright (C) 1998-2004,2006-2009 Glenn Randers-Pehrson,
     |    Copyright (C) 1996, 1997 Andreas Dilger,
     |    Copyright (C) 1995, Guy Eric Schalnat, Group 42 Inc.,
     | and zlib version, Copyright (C) 1998-2002 (or later),
     |    Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler.
    || Warning: versions are different between png.h and png.c
    ||   png.h version: 1.2.40
    ||   png.c version: 1.2.42
     | It was compiled with gcc version 4.4.2 and gas version 2.20.
    While measuring IDATs in crap.png pngcrush caught libpng error:
       PNG file corrupted by ASCII conversion
       Recompressing crap.png
       Total length of data found in IDAT chunks    =        0
    Could not find file: foo.png
       CPU time used = 0.000 seconds (decoding 0.000,
              encoding 0.000, other 0.000 seconds)

    This is the second such problem. The other one ws including jquery twice, once internal once external, although that is now fixed in update.

    Oh I forgot inline list item format problem. Such as tag list.

    It pays to put
    <li><a...>tag</a><span> </span></li>
    if you want it to correctly wrap.

    This is a problem in all browsers I’ve tested. without newlines the list is unbroken.

    The solution/workaround to the op problem is to put in the “URIs on which WP-Minify parsing will be disabled (line delimited)” box


    Same problem here – WP Minify Breaks CSS and JavaScript for NextGen Gallery and in my case using the TwentyTen theme can lead to nothing being displayed at all – blank white page. I opted to disable the plugin and go with W3 Total Cache which is less aggressive. Not as much speed gain but pages display and NextGen works.

    @x000 Hi, great hint about the URIs. Did it solve your problem?

    I am having issues with Premium Slider (Free version is Easyng Slider).

    My second question is how exactly should the URI be written?
    Thanks in advance


    yeah! it works!
    thank you!


    @x000 Great solution!

    Meanwhile, we switched to W3 Total Cache and had the same problem as I wrote in my previous post here.
    We found a solution for our website. You can read about it here in
    Optimizing slideshow with minification problem
    and the final result for speed optimization was very close to what WP Minify was giving us with broken slideshow.
    Hope this helps someone else as well.

    @x000 Thank you, saved me a lot of time!

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