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  • I have upgraded Wp to 2.8.4 and al my galler stop to function…
    No slideshow, no lightbox, no widget in sidebar, only thumbnails works properly (but without javascript effect)

    I try to upgrade plugin to the latest version 1.3.5 but it seems don’t works fine on the latest wordpress version! 🙁

    Alex did you tested your plugin with latest Wp edition?

    Thanks for work 🙂

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  • I also have the same problem.
    I installed wp yesterday + nextgen yesterday, uploaded some photos to a gallery, added the gallery tag to a new post and all i get is empty frames with images names 🙁

    My new blog

    I have the latest versions of WP and the plugin.
    Problem: Can not get the slideshow to work although displaying thumbs in the sidebar works like a charm.

    Hi! Same here, maybe it’s not compatible with 2.8.4 yet?

    I lost the ability to edit thumbnails when I upgraded to both new versions of WP and Nextgen…. Anyone had this kind of problem?

    I am also having problems with the thumbnails (they are not shown)…

    I “solved” another problem* while deactivating all other plug-ins, but this is not a permanent solution

    * I am not able to access to the gallery in order to manage it (e.g. sorting, thumbnails)

    P.S. I have the latest of wordpress and NextGen

    I’m having a new problem with Gallery as well. The Gallery seemed to be working just fine after I upgraded to 2.8.4, using Gallery v1.2.0, but when I upgraded to v1.3.5, I started having problems with my albums.

    I have a page with 4 albums displayed, and it will only display the thumbnails for the first and third albums, while displaying the shortcode for the 2nd and 4th albums. I can switch the album order around, and it still does the same thing.

    The subpages for each of my separate galleries no longer appear in the navbar, as well.

    What’s even stranger is that on another site running 2.8.4, I upgraded Nextgen to 1.3.5 and it works fine… because it worked on that site was the only reason I upgraded it on this other site. The site where it works only has one album though… not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    I downgraded my problem site back to v1.2.1, but the odd album display problem is still there. I had to add a “dummy” album in between the albums I wanted to display so they could be seen.

    See and you can see the shortcode for the dummy album listed in between the thumbnails for the galleries in the real albums.

    Everything else with viewing the images seems to be fine, and viewing images and slideshows with v1.3.5 on a different site also seems to work just fine.

    We’re having the exact same problem. NextGen was working fine before upgrading to WP 2.8.4, but now only displays blank boxes / file names. We can see the galleries / images in the backend, but they’re not displaying on the gallery page or sidebar widget. Help, please?

    I changed my directory structure during this upgrade to the following:

    /wordpress (core files)
    /wp-content (my files)

    now ng is still looking for photos in the WordPress dir after having changed the Gallery Path setting to /wp-content/gallery (I also tried an absolute http:// path).

    To test whether I had to rebuild the galleries after entering the new setting, when I tried to upload a new image it still created the folders in the wordpress/ dir, AND failed to upload the photo to those dirs it created.

    Quite a mouthful, I know. Thanks for the great plugin, and I hope these issue can be resolved soon.

    I’m adding a problem to the list: up to 2 days ago everything seemed to work. Now I was uploading new images to an existing gallery and as it came to the thumbnail creation browser gets stuck. If I go into the manage galleries I can’t delete or modifie anything. New images appear with a broken link on the web. All previous gallerires or older images in this last gallery work. ONly what I’m uploadin today remains stuck.

    I’m having the same problems, in the beginning the sorting option wasn’t working, to solve that problem i upgraded to the latest version 1.3.5, fixed the rotating-link-thing and everything, but the slideshow didn’t work anymore!
    There was an empty space… Now i downgraded to an older version, and the slideshows are working again, but now i can’t make new galleries; i have to upgrade first…

    Adding more info: if I attempt to edit a gallery by deleting an image or adding one (no matter what I do) not only the browser get’s stuck,but if you go onto any other page of your wp admin such as dashboard, plugins or else, nothing will load. It’s like wp crashes.


    even worse: ( I promise I won’t write any more until Alex will say something) now, once the browser (in this case firefox – or safari) is stuck trying to contact the site, I can even close the tab and when I attempt to load the website (not wp admin) it won’t. Must quit browser and reload. Strange thing I have not updated anything in the past days besides the theme itself but nothing in the setup. As I said, previousy uploaded galleries or photos work.

    check the memory_limit, post your server settings…

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