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  • Hi,

    I’ve just upgraded to 2.7 WP and your latest Next Gen version 1.0.2.

    In the past I’ve used the sidebar widget to produce 8 thumbnails of random photos from my galleries. I did not want them constrained to a set side due to abnormal stretching of the thumbnails. So, I use to use a size of width 0 and height 0. This worked in past giving me different sized thumbnails but properly sized ones.

    Now, I try 0 x 0 in the gallery widget settings but it produces little grey boxes and no images (I assume the 0 x 0 setting is making them very small to see now).

    How do I get round this? Ideally, u need a new tick box in the widget settings saying:

    Do not Resize thumbnails [ ]

    But how do I fix this for now because the re-sized thumbnails in my sidebar look aweful 🙁


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  • But which size do you get in the past if you set it to null ? Wonder that this hack produce a good result…

    Hi Alex,

    Yes, the hack did produce the desired result!

    All photos appeared as their own sized thumbnails but still looked clear and good. So, there was no stretching or odd looking thumbnails in the sidebar.

    I really would like to be able to produce the same result with your new version. So, perhaps you can introduce a new tick box or allow the hack as before!

    One problem with the hack was that if any other widget was added or changed in the sidebar, then the 0 x 0 had to be reset and saved the gallery widget. Otherwise, the little boxes like now appeared…

    So Alex,

    Is it possible to make the thumbnails resort to their normal sizes and not forced to a size where they do not look right?

    I would like to know how to do this.. If its some code change, please tell me which file or php code to change.

    I need this fix.


    I really, really need help with this too. I have both portrait and landscape photos in my galleries that I want to display. I just did the update to the latest version of Nextgen. On the previous version, if I selected “original image” instead of “thumbnail” in the widget control it showed both landscape and portrait. Now it seems to go by whatever is listed for the thumbnail size. Help!

    p.s. In the actually gallery pages on my site I get both landscape and portrait thumbnails. Only the widget is the problem. I can’t link to it because it looks so awful right now that I just deleted the widget!


    Yes, I have the same problem, they are all squashed and squished into the same size. They don’t look good at all!

    You said you deleted the widget, so what are you using instead?

    I hope someone can help with this!

    I have the same problem. Portrait images are stretched to landscape in the sidebar widget. It used to work just fine before.

    Set to “original images” and 160×120

    Alex or anyone from the NGG team?

    There are three of us here hoping that someone can help us with this issue…

    It would be great if you can tell us what or how this can be solved…


    Same problem for me.
    With previous versions of NGG i used to set “original images” and a fixed width in the widget settings, leaving the height box empty, and everything worked like a charm, meaning that every image was always displayed with its correct proportions, due to the fact that the height was automatically calculated for each single picture.
    Now this is not possible anymore: I can’t leave the height box empty, and if I put a value of “0”, what i got is a picture that is tall 0.
    Is there a way to make the plugin work like before?
    Thanks a lot!

    Make that four of us … My thumbnails are getting resized beyond their maximum settings.

    I’ve set thumbnail setting to 100×75, but many are getting generated at 99×75. then when displayed in my random or recent images scripts (set to 100×75) they are getting resized to 100×76, throwing my layout outta whack.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Make that five: I also use the widget to display original images and I would like to specify the width and have the height calculated accordingly. If that’s not possible in the widget, does maybe someone have an idea for php code to use?


    i have the same problem with the nextgen widget:

    – stretching of the thumbnails
    – can’t setting ‘original images’

    WP 2.7
    NextGEN Gallery 1.1.0

    I have found at least a temporary solution with this PHP image resize script:

    I inserted a call to the resize script into the nextgen “widget.php” output function passing on parameters from the widget to the script (in this case I want consistent width) and the image gets resized in realtime and served back to page:

    if ( $options[$number]['show'] == 'original' )
    $out .= '<img src="'.NGGALLERY_URLPATH.'/lib/imgsize.php?w='.$options[$number]['width'].'&img='.$image->imageURL.'" title="'.$image->description.'" alt="'.$image->alttext.'" />';

    Only issue is that this means I cannot define height and width in the html code, so the page doesn’t validate, and does look a bit strange until the image is fully loaded.

    I think I have this same problem as well. The thumbnails are stretched. I can change the width in the sidebar widget but i can’t change the height of the thumbnails to be anything other than 50 px. Don’t know where this comes from. I would like to use square thumbnails or anything that doesn’t make the thumbnail images stretch.

    WP 2.7
    NextGEN Gallery 1.1.0

    Wow! Over five people having the same problem is a large number of people not happy with the widget issue.

    I hope Alex will be able to help us with this. The stretching of the thumbnails makes a lot of photos look very bad.

    I’ve tried different sizes for thumbnails in the widget but due to a mix of portrait and landscape photos. There are always some photos not looking good at all.

    @alexmde – I did think of that, but you will only have the headache of supporting your changes once another release of NGG comes out.

    It is better if Alex can update the widget code for the aspect ratio of the images to be correct e.g a max setting for both height and width, which bypasses the stretching effect.

    WordPress 2.7.1
    NGG 1.1.0

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