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  • I have this exact same issue. Im running WordPress 2.9.2 currently. Also didnt work on 2.9.1

    There are two types of watermarks: ones that are “burned in” on the picture (permanently) and those that are overlaid on the picture in a slideshow.

    The permanent ones work always, i.e. also outside a slideshow; no further tweaks necessary.

    The “during showtime” version only works for images when shown in a slideshow.

    I have not been able to get the “permanent” ones to work at all.

    Neither type of watermark seems to show up. This is even after applying watermark in the gallery admin function drop down.

    See if the “hard” watermark really has been applied, checking the image.

    Also, don’t apply “zooming” effects in the slideshow or the watermark will be cut off the visible portion.

    I still cant get the watermark image to overlay on an album image. I tried running the watermark function under Manage Gallery, and the gallery preview does not show the watermark at all. The watermark image is a .jpg file.

    Any suggestions?

    Use a .png (make the area surrounding the object in the image transparent, unless you want the entire image) or a .gif instead.

    I had the same problem as Jokka until I changed the file to .png this solved my issue. Thanks nv1962!

    I’m having this problem myself. My permanent watermarks are not appearing.

    My slideshow is 870×480. My watermark is 870×38 and is positioned in the lower left with an offset of 0,0.

    I adjusted my server’s php.ini file to accept URL-follows (I had a warning about that in the Options > Watermark section) and I made my .gif watermark into a .png (as suggested above), but my pictures still aren’t being “burned” with the watermark.


    Oh! I forgot to mention that I put the .png in both the NextGEN images folder AND my theme folder, just in case one place was better than another because there is no definitive explanation of what the EXACT URL should be (i.e., OR OR if you just use a “generic” images/image.png).

    If you apply permanent watermarks, they should work – unless some prerequisite library isn’t available to the plugin. The watermark is applied to the images when you select / edit a gallery and then select the images to which you want to apply the permanent watermark, then via the drop-down select “Set watermark”.

    If nothing happens, i.e. when you open those images and no watermark is set, there’s something amiss in your setup; check whether you have GD properly available, image directory is server-writable, enough memory is available to PHP, etc. Otherwise the “permanent” watermark should work perfectly.

    Sometimes people set a slideshow with “moving effects” which doesn’t show the entire image; in your case though it sounds like there’s a server-side setup issue.

    I have a problem with the watermark to.
    The different is, I’m using just using the text as watermark.

    Till version 1.3 it was working, now I’m using 1.5.3 together with WP 2.9.1
    After updating it does not work.
    I deleted all other Plugins without covering the problem.
    Do some of you know this problem??

    Why is it that these so-called Word Press Gurus have such a casual attitude about the Plug-ins they “develop”?

    They seem to take little or no responsibility for for responding to the issues created by their code. For example, this Post about the Watermark feature has been running for 5 months. You see nothing but questions, very few answers, and absolutely no response from the developer.

    We are the Blind, Leading the Blind.


    I guess it’s all about how you look at it.

    This is free software that extends free software. If this wasn’t around then you would have to either do the work yourself or pay someone to do it. Have you donated? Developers sometimes give more support to those who do. Remember this is not their job and they usually have to spend a lot of time doing something else that does provide a decent paycheck.


Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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