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  • We have some problems concerning the tracking of votes: Behind our NAT firewall (one ip for every user), it ist not possible for different users to vote on the same image. Something similiar happens when after a maximum of 24 hours, another user gets our dynamic dialin-ip.

    The bigger problem: at least here in Germany, logging ip adresses is prohibited by law, despite logging for a maximum of 72 hours seems to be ok.

    Using cookies for tracking as an alternative would avoid all these problems. It also might be helpful if the plugin would forget the ip after one day. Would you consider that for one of the next versions?

    Also, it would be very helpful to have a classe “voted” assigned to those images a user is not allowed to vote any more.



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  • Plugin Author shauno


    Hey doralis

    Interesting point about the legality of IP logging. I wonder what the repercussions are, or if any other countries have similar laws?

    I realise the checking by IP isn’t perfect. The most ‘secure’ way is to only allow logged in users. The plugin will then use that persons user ID to check. But obviously that isn’t ideal if you don’t use the users functionality of WP.

    I did consider cookies, but they can easily be deleted and the person can re-vote. I will consider adding an option in though, cause I think it is a good idea anyway.

    I like the other idea about a ‘voted’ class on the images! It would require an extra ‘tag’ to be put in the template, as the plugin doesn’t actually have control of outputting the img tag. I will add it to my TODO list though.

    Thanks for the great feedback! Hopefully I can get out a release that will help you in the near future 🙂

    Hi shauno,

    thanks a lot for your fast reply! There is a “guidance” in the european union about logging of personal data. I don’t know how this is enforced by law in the different countries. The probability to get in trouble her in germany currently seems to be low, but things are getting worse – or even better – depending on your point of view;-).

    Certainly – cookies are more dangerous in terms of manipulation, but it always depends on the “criminal energy” of your audience and the importance of the votes you have to protect. It is always a trade-off. If you implement cookies, please consider an back end option to set the life time!

    Plugin Author shauno


    The life is another good idea. I’m writing all this down, don’t worry! 🙂

    I just need to find a nice way to implement it keeping the legacy IP system working. Shouldn’t be too tough once I find some time. I imagine it would be a global setting, not per gallery or image, but that should be fine.

    Thanks again for the feedback, it’s always good getting constructive comments!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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