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  • I decided to try using NextGen for some recent vacation pic’s and although I’m able to use most features of the recent version OK, I’m completely unable to get it to show EXIF data or to even import the EXIF data.

    When in the Manage Gallery area and viewing the thumbnails with titles and descriptions, I can “show the metadata” and it reads it fine, but when I select the image (or all images), choose “import metadata” as the action, click OK, and…..nothing happens. It says “import metadata finished” but it doesn’t actually do it. Nothing shows up in the description field.

    Any ideas?

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  • The import routine will only Import descriptio/author etc into the database, if you would like to show exif data use the follow example :

    [imagebrowser id=28 template=exif]

    Thanks for the reply. This works great if I call the imagebrowser directly on a page or in a post, but how would I do it if I’m going from Album > Gallery > imagebrowser with no dedicated page or post? I looked in the plugin so see if there was something to change there but couldn’t figure it out.


    Well I kind of got this to do what I wanted, but it’s like hitting a nail with a sledgehammer. I ended up just duplicating the imagebrowser-exif.php file and renamed it imagebrowser.php. No matter what I tried in the nggfunctions.php file to force the exif template to be used, I couldn’t get it to work that way.

    I guess maybe in a future release it would be nice to be able to call the imagebrowser exif template from a page calling the gallery or something like that. Either way it’s OK since I currently want the exif info on all the pictures anyway.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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