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  • As far as I can tell, NextGen is broken when used with the standard Twenty Ten theme and IE 7. If one adds the most vanilla shortcode possible: [gallery=1] on a page or post, you get rows/columns of thumbnails of the images in the gallery. But the problem on IE 7 is that if you try to look at your menubar, the submenus (#access ul ul in the Twenty Ten style.css) are displayed under the gallery thumbnails.

    Adding other images (say from the media gallery) work just fine – they don’t cover the submenus.

    Given that Twenty Ten is the standard WP 3 theme, it should be considered the gold standard by which bugs are judged – thus this must be considered a NextGen bug. While IE 7 is obsolete, it is still used by a very significant fraction of the viewing public, and still needs to be supported.

    Is there a work around for this? NextGen should be fixed so that it supports Twenty Ten, but is there a CSS workaround for the thumbnails? Given regular images work, there must be something in the NextGen thumbnail CSS that is breaking IE 7. Even a
    <!–[if IE 7]> type solution would be helpful.

    (I tried to search both in NextGen and Twenty Ten for a solution for this, but could not find the right combination of search terms that showed a solution. Sorry if this is redundant.)

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  • thus this must be considered a NextGen bug

    I don’t think that’s really correct. Despite being the default WP theme, Twenty Ten is far from bug-free. What you describe sounds like a theme issue that could be fixed by some conditional CSS in the theme – an area that Twenty Ten doesn’t even begin to address.

    There are plugins that allow you to add CSS or code the the header of any theme, so it could be fixed that way. The question then becomes, what is the conditional CSS that is needed to fix the menu problem?

    Plus, there are plenty of other themes that are using the same sub-menu model as Twenty Ten (similar CSS tricks as used by Twenty Ten for #access ul ul), so this isn’t exclusively a Twenty Ten problem. I’d wager I could find ten or more themes that are broken with NextGen and IE 7 withing a half hour or less.

    I just checked the Featured Themes, as well as some of the other most popular themes, and these are all broken with NextGEN and IE 7:

    Twenty Ten

    That represents a very significant percentage of the top WP themes. Sounding more and more like a NextGen issue than a theme issue.

    Maybe the themes should fix it, but just what that solution might be could probably be supplied by NextGen.

    but just what that solution might be could probably be supplied by NextGen

    I disagree. It’s a z-index issue. NextGen would need to “interrogate” the theme’s CSS to work out what conditional z-index to apply to the galleries. The theme, on the other hand, sets up the z-indexes on navigation tabs in the first place – either directly via CSS or indirectly via the markup ordering. So I’d argue that the theme has the responsibility to try to ensure that any flyouts have a z-index that is higher than any content but, ideally, lower than a lightbox.

    It isn’t the lightbox that doesn’t work, but the standard submenus being covered by the the basic static NextGen thumbnails, which are really img’s. In fact, there is no z-index styling in the base NextGen .css file.

    When a significant fraction of the most popular themes won’t work with NextGen, I don’t think it is necessarily the responsibility of each theme developer to discover the work around. On the other hand, more than 50% of the top themes do work.

    And in the end, it really is an IE 7 issue.

    So I found the solution to this problem.

    I still don’t understand why the NextGen img tags are breaking IE 7 z-indexing, but that really is the problem.

    For Twenty Ten, you can edit the style.css file and add this rule:

    #masthead {z-index:5; position:relative;}

    This doesn’t seem to hurt on other browsers and IE 8, but fixes the problem on IE 7.

    It seems that the actual menu div (#access in Twenty Ten) must be nested within another div that has a z-index > 1 in order for the NextGen thumbnail images to go behind submenus.

    It doesn’t look like there is a fix to cover all themes with the same fix. Nevertheless, it does seem that NextGen should try to fix something about how it displays thumbnails since other images will display correctly with no changes in IE 7.

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