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    I would like to know how I can translate the gallery titles I use.
    The counter of pictures inside a galllery is nicely translated, the title however not.

    In English:
    25 Photos

    In Dutch:
    25 Afbeeldingen

    it should be:
    In Dutch:
    25 Afbeeldingen

    How can I translate the title?
    With the .mo file I use for the rest of my website it’s not working.
    The language plugin I use also doesn’t translate the title when using language tags [lang_en]Airplanes[/lang_en][lang_nl]Vliegtuigen[/lang_nl]

    Any ideas on this?

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  • Hi,
    have you visited this page already?

    best regards

    Yes I have. And as you can see in my post, the rest of the gallery is translated nicely. (Including the Admin Panel).
    Only the names of my galleries aren’t translated.

    sorry got you wrong. If i get you right this time: The galleries can be named individually by yourself under gallery->manage galler->gallery options and there description what i enter there will be shown in the albums as gallery name.

    best regards bee

    Just to be clear: I tried adding the names of my galleries to the .mo / .po file as well. Didn’t work.
    Looks like the gettext tag for the gallery title’s is missing?

    Hmm… guess I need to be a bit more specific:

    I would like the custom tiles/name of my galleries to be displayed in two languages. Either with a [lang] or through gettext.

    Gallery name / title are currently not GETTEXT enabled, so you can use them only in one language

    Are there any plans to make them GETTEXT enabled?
    Or even better, [lang] tag compatible?
    (Just like with a blog/page title?)

    Or is there a good tutorial on how I can do this myself?


    Line 447 & 457:

    Changed to:

    that worked for me.

    I hope you will include it into the next release, so I won’t have to update my nggfunctions.php file at that point. 🙂

    I have a related issue to the one raised by Derice. I wish to create bilingual Welsh/English blogs and websites using your (excellent!) plugin together with Language Switcher. I have created incomplete Welsh .mo and .po files and experimented with these. The admin interface is translated OK – but the elements that are displayed to blog users remain in English. In particular [Show picture list] and [Show as slideshow] appear only in English – even though they have been translated in my Welsh .po file. Derice’s solution above might be applicable – but I don’t know which file to change.

    I have also noticed earlier posts dealing with the issue of “Next>” and “<Prev” in thickbox js files. Am I right in thinking that the only current way of dealing with text that appears in js files is to have one language only – or to have both appear together?

    It seems that in NextGen 1.02 the titles are (still) not (yet) Gettext enabled.
    Any info on when this will be done?

    You can do that in the templates by yourself

    What templates are you referring to exactly?

    Thanks! I’ll have a look and see what I can create. 🙂

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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