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  • Do you have it online somewhere we can see it?

    What are you putting as the shortcode and what code hits the page?


    I have two screen shots here.

    The FTP image shows where Nextgen is uploading the files. The other image shows that, even though the files are uploaded, the images are not coming through to the screen.

    The shortcode is at the top of this page.

    The code I am using is [slideshow id=1]

    Sorry, I can;t see those screenshots, can you make them public or send me a direct link please? 🙂

    Do you see the images when you go into the ‘Manage Gallery’ area? Do the images show when you set it to gallery? eg: [nggallery id=1]


    I have the same problem. Thumbnails not displaying in wordpress admin area. Will display on site though.

    Not sure what photocrati are doing either. They seem to be spending a lot of time twittering about other wordpress plugins rather than about what exactly is the future of this plugin, and what is going to be made freeware and what isn’t. I have this horrible feeling that the only good things to happen to this plugin will have to be paid for. I for one am starting to look around for an alternative.

    They are public and shared. Try this link:

    Do you see the images when you go into the ‘Manage Gallery’ area? No

    Do the images show when you set it to gallery? eg: [nggallery id=1] When I use [nggallery id=1] on the page, I see a link [show as slideshow] and then four dead links to images within squares.

    It sounds like it could be a permissions issue to the image folder.

    Let’s bypass the plugin. If the images are there but you can’t see them, either with a direct link try changing the file/folder permissions to 777 (just for testing) – and go to the image directly in the web browser. If you can’t see it using the browser then it isn;t an issue with the plugin.

    Looking at the FTP screenshot your files are in ‘Public FTP’ – any reason they’re not in the default location wp-content/gallery/ ?

    Worth noting I’m not from Photocrati either, just saw lots of unanswered questions and I use this plugin a lot so thought I’d try and help 🙂

    Easiest way to check this actually – If you right click the broken image and get the image path and paste it into the browser do you see the image?

    You were correct with the permissions issue. How should I set them?

    (And thanks for all the help)

    OK, well that’s good. Give that folder 755 permissions, that should be sufficient.

    That means that everyone can view but only the server and you can write to that folder.

    You need to make sure that you can view them AND upload to that folder. 777 Permissions (CHMOD) is dangerous as it opens op the folder to attacks.

    Probably best asking your server provider what they suggest as some don’t like leaving folders open (for the reasons above)

    happy to help

    Thank you, Rob.

    I actually have the opposite problem – I have uploaded an image to an existing gallery via FTP and can see the image in the folder. A thumbnail is also created. I can see it in the admin. However, this does not show up on the front end website. Any ideas?

    Have you tried scanning the folder for new files in the manage-gallery area?

    I have tried both approaches:

    1. Added image via Add image to gallery,
    2. Added image via FTP and scanned the directory for new images.

    In both cases, the image shows up in the admin – but not on the front end. Also checked permissions – its 644, but since the thumbnail is being created in the thumbs directory, and the image is also in the right place, I don’t think it’s a permission issue.

    Is there any thing else, beside uploading that one needs to do, it’s almost like something has to be published??

    Is it online anywhere I can see wp-mistress?

    What shortcode are you adding to your post?

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