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  • OS Type Linux 2.6.18-238.9.1.el5PAE #1 SMP Tue Apr 12 18:52:55 EDT 2011 i686
    Server Software Apache
    PHP Version 5.2.17
    MySQL Server 5.0.51-log
    Memory Limit 64 MB
    Server Quota’s: show detailed »
    Storage Space 10.37 GB of 976.56 GB (1.06 %) used.
    Number of Files 48788 of 300000 files (16.26 %) stored.

    WP Version 3.1.2
    NextGen 1.7.4

    I’ve turned off all other plugins, and still cannot create thumbnails. Goes to 100% and hangs.

    Largest image is 500W and all are less than 100K in size.

    I am at IX Webhosting and this has never failed before. This is the first gallery I have created in a few months though.

    Any help?

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  • I’m having the same exact issue on a different host. Never had a problem before, either. If you go into the gallery itself, and ‘edit thumb’ on the broken thumbnail and just save it, it will display correctly as a workaround.

    That said, I can’t use the uploader anymore. Gets to 100% and hangs just like the original poster.

    I am having the same problem which started recently within the last 6 weeks. I think it began when i update to Version 1.7.4 and then updated my WP version too.

    I upload my images the same way i have in the past. small files usually 600×400 pixels around 100-200kb. The gallery creates fine. The images upload fine but then the thumbnails don’t work in the “Manage Gallery” section. Nor do they work on the front end. But if i am in the “Manage Gallery” section and i click to edit the image the image will appear. So it seems the problem is with the thumbs. I have it occurring on multiple sites on multiple servers.

    On I am running WP 3.0.4 and NextGEN 1.7.4 and experiencing the problem.

    On i am running WP 3.1.1 and NextGEN 1.7.4 and experiencing the problem.

    On another site i am running WP 3.0.1 and NextGEN 1.7.4 and Not experiencing the problem.

    Does anyone have any solutions to this problem?

    This was resolved two updates ago (worked in 1.8), and now has returned after the most recent update (1.81). Funny enough, when I tried to roll back to previous versions (tried 1.8 and 1.73) I can’t can’t get it working right WP 3.1.3.

    In 1.8+ it hangs at ‘creating thumbnails’ like the other posts here, and in 1.73 the ‘creating thumbnails’ disappears as if it created them, but they are broken on the album page.

    Hope Alex figures this out. This thing was solid for many, many revisions. I’ll pledge cash for a fix. Anyone else want to join me?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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