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  • I have updated Wordress 2.5 to 2.6 last night and now when I click on a single photo from a gallery the thickbox will not load. The image will load in a new window instead of the thickbox.

    I am also using ms_lightwindow plugin for my YouTube videos. It has not caused a conflict before, so I don’t think it is now since I can disable the ms_lightwindow plugin and thickbox still does not work.

    Please see example here:

    WordPress 2.6
    NextGEN Gallery 0.98


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  • And to be honest I cannot get any of the effects to work. I have tried various lightbox plugins with no success.

    You have some JS error, disable all other plugins for a test

    I had the exact same issue, disabled Scriptaculous which fixed it. Now.. what the heck am I gonna do without Scriptaculous??? 😉

    >> Switch to Lightbox or a other effect if you need Scriptaculous

    same problem. slideshows don’t work and none of the effects including lightbox. Its the only plugin I have activated.

    So jspirko…
    how did you get yours to work?
    are you still using WP 2.6 with nextgen .98 ?

    I had two different effects enabled on my site. I was using ms_lightwindow plugin for lightbox effect with YouTube videos and the NextGEN thickbox for photos.

    But for some reason after the upgrade to WP2.6 and NextGEN 0.98 none of the NextGEN effects would work. Right now the photos are more important for me so I disabled the ms_lightwindow plugin and now the NextGEN effects are working properly.

    For some reason I could not properly configure just ONE of the effects to be used on both videos and photos. I think I will just abandon the YouTube lightwindow idea for now and just embed the videos on the page.


    Please note that NextGEN is flexible to take any other effect, as long as you upload the Javascript files

    I’m having the same problem on all my sites e.g. the path went to thickbox from the gallery, now goes to the full size picture. The Slideshow link goes to a 404 page!

    The first part i got solved by disabling the Social Bookmarking Plugin. A terrifying idea! But Thickbox works now again.

    No idea how to solve the 404 problem though! And i miss my Social Bookmarking Plugin already

    Additional Information: When i change the gallry to show the slideshow first, the slideshow works but the ling to “Show Gallery” goes to 404 not found. So no hickup, something is wrong here. Turning on lightbox instead of thickbox – the link from the gallery goes to full size again!

    Problem 2 solved by updating the permalink structure! Just in case someone else is going to have the same problem.

    The question remains; how can i have thickbox AND social bookmarking???


    I have almost the same problem, I upgraded from 2.3.3 to 2.6 manually. All is working except for thickbox effect! I dont have sociable plugin (was thinking to use it but after your posts, I decided to wait!).

    Anyway, slideshow, thumbs is ok. But thickbox not, when I click the thumbnails on the gallery page it only shows the image.

    So I dont think its the sociable plugin problem its just something wrong with thickbox I guess!?!

    Anyone has a solution???

    One other thing, I am also using print and e-mail friend plugin from lester chan. Could this be the problem?

    I see that some of you guys use it above…

    Demo of the problem:

    One other thing is that, I decided to use shutter effect instead, but since it is not updated for WP 2.6, it is also not working properly. It sometimes works and sometimes not! I am confused here, can someone help pls.

    YOu have a couple of Script errors, disable other plugin and test the page again…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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