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  • Hi all,

    First off, I LOVE the NextGen Gallery plugin!!! That’s why I’m so bummed it’s not working properly at the moment: I’m working on a new theme for my website based off of WordCult and I’ve noticed with NGG the image thumbnails jump straight to the image target path instead of displaying the thickbox effect as it normally should. It seems to work without a hitch with other themes, but for some reason not with the WordCult theme and by extension my developmental theme based off it here.

    I scoured the forums here for information and aside from ticking off the usual suspects like making sure the <?php wp_head(); ?> is present in the theme and such I still can’t figure out the exact source problem. However, I’m suspecting it may be rooted in a JavaScript conflict somewhere within the theme, but unfortunately I have yet to be able to confirm this.

    If anyone has some insight or similar experience with this issue I’d greatly appreciate any insight you could share. Thanks!

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  • Cleary no one else was bothered or concerned by this issue using the WordCult theme, but after not looking at this problem for several weeks I figured out over the weekend how to resolve the issue and thought I’d share it here to close out this thread with a happy ending. 🙂

    Basically, it has nothing to do with the NGG plugin. It’s the JQuery Slider script being used in the header.php of the WordCult theme file that is causing a JavaScript conflict with some other plug-ins (rendering them useless on the front end) which currently includes Next Gen Gallery, Smart Archives and WP AJAX Edit Comments — though I doubt it’s not limited to only those, but they’re the ones I’ve noticed thus far.

    Anyway, the fix I found to be most effective is to make the slider script invisible to all the other theme pages except the homepage (where it was only intended to be used) with a modified conditional statement placed within the <head> tag.

    It’s really easy, and here’s how to do it: just open the WordCult header.php file and on line 58 you’ll see the conditional endif; statement and on line 59 you’ll notice the second enqueue function wp_enqueue_script calling for ‘site -functions’ . Simply reposition line 58 with line 59 so that the endif; statement comes AFTER the second enqueue request and make sure the ending ?> comes directly after this on line 60 to close out the condition statement. And presto, it’s now fixed for the other pages that are not the home/index page!

    cheers dude, had next gen working perfectly then kaput effects not working! a problem a million other people have seemingly run into. Spent about an hour trawling these forums and the net til I found your post and immediatley realised a homepage slider i had implemented must have been conflicting with the nextgen scripts.

    wish i had the ability to fix the conflict occuring through modyfing the plugin files, but thankfully including the script for the slideshow specifically within the homepage template works for now an i can go to bed. Hope other find this post as once you realise what it is it can be sorted fairly promptly.

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