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  • Hi,

    I want to store my images outside the standard /wp-content/gallery/ directory.

    I’ve tried changing the gallery path to the following:

    1. absolute path – /home/domainname/storage-area
    All this did was create that pathname under /wp-content/
    (You can use this trick on the WordPress install to change the default ‘upload’ folder, so I was hoping it might work on nextgen)

    2. relative path – ../../domainname/storage-area
    This told me I’d created a gallery and said I’d managed to upload images, however I couldn’t find anything when I checked my directories, and the gallery itself was missing images. The path name on the images was however correct, so its almost working.

    I checked permissions on my new ‘storage-area’ directory and made sure they matched permissions on /wp-content/gallery, but its still not working.

    Is this possible, or do you have any ideas how I could proceed?

    As ever, any advice is greatly appreciated.



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  • If your Blog Address (URL) in WP settings is your top level domain, as in, relative paths can start from that top level domain. So if you want your NGG galleries to be in, just set your gallery path to


    If you want folders in storagearea/ for multiple galleries, just set those paths to


    All of this assumes your blog is at your top level domain.

    How about storing mages on a compeletely different webspace?

    I have limited space where my site is hosted but plenty of space elsewhere where I can’t install wordpress (no MySQL).


    Never tried it, but if the folder is writable by you from where you’re running NGG and you reference it absolutely, as in http://www.domainname/storage-area, it might work.

    Of course, that might not be a good idea, since if the folder is writable by you, it’s writable by everyone else, which would present security issues. I think I’ve seen comments by Alex (NGG author) that he may include storage on Amazon’s S3 in future releases.

    Thanks for the ideas, however they’re not going to work.

    Frisco – I need my gallery files to be stored outside the wordpress root, so your 1st suggestion won’t work. Security isn’t a huge issue.

    I did try your next idea, (http://www.domainname/storage-area), in fact I can’t think why I hadn’t thought of it myself. Anyway, it doesn’t work. Yes, the files appear and it all seems to work, but the images aren’t actually in my storage aread. What it did do was create the following directories in my wordpress install.

    I’ve a suspicion that its not something that can be done easily.

    Thanks for your help

    My previous guess contained a typo (missing .com in the upper level domain), and even without the typo it doesn’t work.

    Apparently, what NGG does is take the WP url from the WP Settings->General menu and add the gallery path from NGG Options->General Options and then add the path from the Add gallery screen.

    All that means is windyjon2 is right. Without modifying the plugin, it doesn’t seem possible to store files outside the WP root.

    Hi Frisco,

    Its OK, I hadn’t taken your info literally, I’d spotted the missing .com.

    Your next bit of advice is really helpful. I hadn’t worked that out. Tried removing the path from NGG Options and it installed gallery stuff in the root directory of my wordpress install.

    Its a shame I can’t escape this and move up even further using ../../ but that doesn[t work.

    Looks like I shall have to delve in the plugin code. Oh dear.

    By the way, the reason I want to do this is that I’m sharing one set of data between 2 wordpress installs. Each of these is password protected using htaccess. Therefore I need to move my images outside the password protected areas so that users of each wordpress install don’t get asked for yet another password.

    Hello together,

    currently it’s not possible to store the galleries outside , because I used the ABSPATH & blogurl as base for the complete path.

    I planned some rework for a next version, but it will takes some time

    I got stuck with exactly same problem, I have two wordpress installations (same blog in two differente languages) and I wanted to share gallery folder among them as to not duplicate images and save some space.

    Well… I better wait for next version !

    My situation is the same as malefico’s. I need to set up a site with two WordPress installs in two different languages and they should share one gallery folder to save webspace.

    Is there any chance at all that this will be possible at some point in the future? If yes, any estimate when this might be?

    Thanks for your consideration.

    Hi Alex,
    I would love to provide you with some external guidance on this topic if possible.
    1) your Nextgen is awesome…. wonderful job with the plugin and esp the back-end

    2) I use it on almost every implementation for Clients that need images displayed

    3) There is a growing trend to host media files away from low cost WP powered hosts and the most popular for businesses these days is amazon’s S3.
    I also noticed a number of image management plugins that allow people to use Flickr and Picasa etc… if you were to allow users to implement the COMPLETE PATH… you will have some very happy people on this end 😉

    4) I can imagine that there would be some work involved in getting the entire gallery stored offsite but… perhaps you could start by supporting external hosting for each individual image / media file.

    thx and keep up the superb support PLEASE

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