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  • Hey.

    Someone has an Idea why i have this large Space between my Gallery an the Headline “Eine kleine Auswahl aus dem Bereich: Print” ?
    Seems that the Gallery starts after the widgets on the right side. But why?

    Thanks for help.

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  • It clear a float element (like the thumbails), otherwise some text behind will float on the most themes. Doesn’t know why the hell , it produces this space…

    No floating elements allowed on either the left or the right side

    Regaring the 4th pic, this is a feature of Thickbox. So not a bug πŸ™‚

    While I’m at it, I’d better ask this too:

    Is there no way to make the pages generated by NGG a little bit more customizable? Perhaps even search engine friendly?

    Whenever I click on the button of a gallery page to see the other pictures, it brings me to a page named like this:

    instead of, for example:
    which would translate into this: or something similar

    … ?

    @alexrabe – this problem really is theme specific, and based on whether floating elements are being executed properly. Technically clear: both; should do just that. In some cases removing the “both” property can cause other problems, like you said it can cause text to float around the galleries in strange ways.

    I have noticed though that most people having this space problem have a three column layout with the content being the center column. Maybe there could be a way or option in the NGG Settings that allows them to specify if they are having this trouble and then it just turns off the “both” property.

    @duckduke – There is an setting that does just that if I’m understanding you correctly. Gallery -> Options -> General then tick the box for “Activate Permalinks”. After doing this though make sure you go and rebuild your permalinks so that it will work correctly.

    Hey , you are my hero ! I didn’t recognize that it’s indeed a three column issue.
    I will create a new css for this themes … Perfect.

    Thank you! thank you! thank you! πŸ™‚
    I’ve cleared out the little thingies and the space is gone.
    I’ve checked what you’ve said and now it’s just like I wanted it to be.

    Buuuuut }:ᦓ New issue:
    After testing it further in Opera and Firefox, all works fine.
    In Internet Explorer (or/and Maxthon), the big space is still there…
    Any thoughts on this?

    I have the same problem in one other place, where I don’t have NGG installed: – No plugins (no NGG), some scripts in the left column for time and date, converting money, and weather forcast.
    – Same big space showed only with IE.

    On my other 5 sections, I don’t have this problem with the space. Maybe this can provide some insight and clues on the problem… – I have flash games embedded, no NGG – I have an mp3 player, no NGG – I have nothing yet πŸ˜€ – Many video players embedded, no NGG – A bunch of plugins, no NGG
    – No big space, everything works fine in all browsers.

    No idea what is going on, but that doesn’t say much, seeing as I’ve started using wordpress 2 months ago πŸ™‚

    Can someone pls look at this browser thingie?

    I need help too πŸ™ πŸ™ :(:
    I donΒ΄t want to have the spaces after and between the albums. Who can help me??


    Edit: Oh no, whatΒ΄s that now???

    Love the plugin. Thank you for developing.

    I’m in a similar situation. I’ve /* clear:both; */ in all of my CSS sections for the plugin and I’m still getting a gap.

    Here’s the gallery page from my site:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    @duckduke – I have have viewed that page in 3 versions of IE and do not see the space you are talking about. As far as squashing CSS issues with a design may I suggest installing Firebug it makes working on a CSS file a breeze.

    @kijac and @wsperuzzi – There are three instances of clear:both that you have to comment out. Scan the file and make sure you got all of the ones mentioned above.

    @kijac – after commenting out the both property you will also need to do some editing to your themes style sheet to force your containing div to wrap around the galleries. you will need to add clear:both; to this class .post .postmetadata which is located in your style.css file around line 194

    @alex – Here’s hoping your serious cause I would be honored to be your hero πŸ™‚ As mentioned before if you need help just let me know I would love to contribute after all of the hard work I know you have put into this.

    Thanks WhisperT. There are different choices for style sheets and I missed that I was working in the default. Works now. Excellent!

    Hi folks,

    @@ WhispertT

    I’m happily using NEXTGen for a while now. Also using a 3-column-theme and had to take out the clear: both; to get it work properly (thanks @@ Alex for pointing that out t me some months ago!). so, I’m very much looking forward to a new version with specific styleheets for 3-column-themes.

    I have now one problem that I don’t manage to get rid off (I’m a sucker for css …). I have now added the NEXTGen Smooth Gallery plugin and the stylesheets are messing pages up.

    Maybe WhisperT has some ideas what to do here?
    Here’s a link to a demo-page with odd behaviour (scroll down for the gallery!):

    I’d appreciate any suggestions on what’s going wrong here (and where to fix!).

    πŸ˜‰ In the file called nggSmooth.php around line 166 you will see another one of those rogue clear: both; properties. If you remove it your gallery will no longer drop down like that.

    @wsperuzzi – Welcome πŸ™‚ Glad it fixed the problem.

    @@ WhisperT

    THANKS! That was it (line 166, btw).

    I was going through many, many … css-files and some phps but didn’t manage to trace down which one produced the clear: both;. I should spend some time getting to know css a bit better.

    “Hero” struck again. πŸ˜‰

    @@ WhisperT

    THANKS! That was it (line 166, btw).

    I was going through many, many … css-files and some phps but didn’t manage to trace down which one produced the clear: both;. I should spend some time getting to know css a bit better.

    “Hero” struck again. πŸ˜‰

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