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    I have a client using WP 2.8 who is unable to sort galleries after upgrading to WP 2.8 from WP 2.7.1. I did upgrade the nextgen-gallery plugin to the latest version, but that did not fix the problem.

    These are the steps I take to duplicate the issue:
    1. Go into any gallery
    2. Click “Sort Gallery”
    3. Move a picture to a different position
    4. Click “Update Sort Order”
    5. After clicking “Update Sort Order” the page refreshes and the image is back in its prior position

    I have the client set up with the NextGen FlashViewer plugin as well. I have tried updating Flash galleries and regular nextgen galleries, and neither will work.

    The client has tried on two different Windows PCs and I have replicated the problem on my Linux box using Firefox.

    I have also tried deactivating the Nextgen Flashviewer plugin and then sorting a regular nextgen gallery, but it still will not save the sorting.

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Everything else about the plugin is working fine, the client just cannot sort images.


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  • can you disable other plugins and check also for any kind of javascript error ?

    Same problem here: I was testing with WP 2.7.1 and everything was perfect with that great NextGen plugin. But after my upgrade to 2.8, I realized that I can’t sort my galleries anymore: when I click on “Update Sort Order”, it just goes back to the Unsorted default…

    I have similar problems
    I also have problems with getting descriptions and titles to save to database.
    I find that if I leave the page and go away for a while, when I come back the new information is in the database SOMETIMES the rest of the time it hasn’t been saved, so I have to start again. I am seriously considering working directly in the database.
    It is not just nextgen, however, I get the same problems with wp core functions like “bookmarks”
    Is this a problem with my database not responding quickly enough – is there something called timeouts or something which can be adjusted – or is there something flawed in the routine ?
    Once the data has found its way into the database, no problem. It’s getting it into the database that is difficult.

    can you disable other plugins and check also for any kind of javascript error ?

    Hey Alex, I tried your suggestion and the results were interesting. It is now working, but none of my plugins were a problem. Here is what I did:

    1) Deactivated all plugins except for Next-gen
    2) Tested sort gallery. It worked
    3) Reactivated my plugins one by one, and tested the sorting of galleries each time. It kept working.
    4) Now all my plugins are reactivated, and sorting is working.

    So to other people having this problem, my suggestion is to try deactivating then reactivating all of your plugins. I’m no coder, but my guess is that the problem with sorting galleries was somehow caused during the automatic upgrade process from 2.7.1 to 2.8.

    Thanks for the assistance, Alex! And thanks for an incredibly useful plugin!

    I disabled all of my plugins but didn’t solve the problem. Still won’t save the sort order.

    Hi Alex: I did like Ascension2010 and deactiveated all plugins, and tried to sort a gallery but it didn’t work.

    I am still in need of help with that sorting issue. Anybody else with the same problem?

    Me too – heeeelp!

    I finally resorted to going into the database to fix a few things.

    My problems with NextGen and database are not restricted to NextGen

    I have similar problems with core wordpress functions, notably blogroll additions and modifications. I’ve posted both in this forum and in the core WP users – it’s only here I get a reply or discussion !

    Could it be server problems ? Either the server is slow to respond or does so badly. I noticed that in options database it had SSL on by default – I have no idea what this really means, but it’s something to do with certificates and encryption but could there be a problem in there ? Unless Alex has concocted his own radically different way of communicating with the DB then there may be some server behaviour that WordPress methods of communication take no account of or for which default settings do not work.

    Could it be related with the PHP version running on our server? I know my hosting place doesn’t have PHP 5…

    I have PHP5 but that doesn’t change things…

    I had a chance to debug one server with simialr poblems, here it was a theme issue. If you switch to the default theme and disable all other plugins , does it work ?

    No, switching to the default theme and disabling all other plugins did not work. Any other ideas?

    I’m in a modified default theme (only massive hacks on CSS)…

    How can it be a theme issue ?

    My problem is with the database : I modify data – be it sort, title or description; save; and there is a message that the modifications have been saved. However the changes do not show on the page.

    When I use PHP admin 2 times out of 3 the data has not been saved.

    In my case, at any rate, it seems to be some glitch in the communication between database and NextGen. I have no Idea what I am looking for.

    I need to debug this on the server to give more advice

    How do you do that ?
    I have an application called “Charles” which logs communication with the server (at least I think it does) would this help ?

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