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  • whalegeek


    I am using the most current versions of both WordPress and NG Gallery. When I upload images, I find that about half of the time, the images do not load in the order they are found on my HD. Files are all named 1, 2, 3 etc filename so this is not a hodge podge of names. Digital images are shot with a Nikon D90 and none of the camera data is changed, though I do populate the description and copyright fields with my info.

    Yesterday, I uploaded 4 new galleries of 150+ images each. Two of them pulled the images exactly as ordered on my computer. The other two, not so much. I go to Sort gallery, and try Date/Time which used to work, but nothing happens. Just for fun, I tried Ascending and Descending as well, no change. Because order does matter for these images (they are from a folk festival), that means dragging images around. In one of the galleries, the upload put the images in reverse order. But when I drag, drop is not precise, and seems to change each time I do it. I am on a Mac and have used both Chrome and Safari for this, with the same results. Not sure how to describe it well… when I grab an image, I see a black line appear but in a weird spatial relationship to the thumbnail, like up a row and over 3 images. Sometimes I can drop my cursor on top of the image where I want to move the new one, and it drops right there, and sometimes it drops an image or two to the left or right. Either way, spending extra hours reordering hundreds of images is not my idea of a good time.

    Sort gallery – Date/Time used to work perfectly. Not sure when it failed, but the combination of uploads not landing in the right order and then spending a lot of extra time reordering is not efficient in the least.

    In case it helps, the images I just uploaded are viewable at

    As this is a photo blog site, and I have a lot more content to post, I’d be most grateful for a solution/workaround or fix to this problem.

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