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  • hey,

    i want a slideshow that shows all images from entire nextgen-gallery or at least from entire album.

    couple of years ago there were to “undocumented” tags like


    In the newer version of NGG this will not work. The first tag causes an error (Gallery not found), the second tag will just not work, because album and gallery ids are not unique anymore.

    There would be one workaround for my special case, its bit complicated, but it’ll work technically:

    Upload all pictures to _ONE_ gallery, instead of seperated galleries. Then just tag the pictures with gallery-title as a keyword.
    Then i could still show pictures, tagged with one keyword, as if they would belong to on gallery, for example “people” or “architecture”. And besides I could use the slideshow-tag to show all pictures from this gallery.

    However, thats the not-so-quick-but-dirty-solution. But, i wonder if there is a faster and smoother way to have ALL pictures from my NGG showed in ONE slideshow.

    Look at my page to see what i mean, i’m currently using several galleries with pictures in each of it. My target is now to have a slideshow on the frontpage that shows random pictures from every gallery:


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  • Maye I misunderstand: The NgG Slideshow Widget offers exactly this option i.e. Show All Images and if e.g. put in Weaver TW area it can cover the entire content area.

    I have a different problem, my slide show doesnt work anymore after my hosting company Siteground moved my site to a new server.

    hey crashguru,

    regarding ur problem:
    maybe u have to increase the memory limit again, guess it is too low by default.

    You’re right. The widget has this option. Anyway, is there a way to use this option in a post or page? I want this slideshow for my starting page, in big.

    Another option would be to use the source-code from the widget and to implement it on a single template for the first page.

    Interesting btw:
    nggSlideshow( {id: 0,fx:”fade”,width:160,height:120,domain: “”,timeout:10000}

    so, the Script does recognize the “ID: 0” as the order to take pictures from the entire NGGallery.

    Well, basically I am only familiar with the Weaver theme and this theme comes with a Top and Post Pages Widget. They can be tweaked to full width. Particularly in v.2 it should be very easy. I solved my problem, the .swf must be in the gallery folder.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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