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  • Mike Werewolf



    I’ve installed Nextgen-gallery (1.7.2) with Image Rotator (3.17) for the slideshow (on WordPress 3.0.4). The galleries are well shown on my pages. But if I try to launch the slideshow, I only have a black square with the loading icon, endlessly loading, without showing any picture.

    But this doesn’t happen every time ! Sometimes, the slideshow works great, but most of the time, it doesn’t load.

    I’ve the problem on 2 websites, with 2 different themes :

    Some other infos :
    * The same thing happens with the NextGen Slideshow Widget,
    * I’ve installed exactly the same websites on my computer (except for wp-config, of course) with EasyPhp (5.2.10) : the Image Rotator slideshow runs without any problem.
    * On Firefox, when the slideshow isn’t loading, if I press [Ctrl]+[F5], the slideshow will correctly show up (but only once ; if I load a new page, the slideshow won’t load again)
    * On IE8, same thing occurs if I delete the Temporary Internet Files and then reload the page : the slideshow appears (but once again, if a load another page, the slideshow won’t work).
    * I’ve also tried to activate the Piclens/CoolIris slideshow, but it’s worse : the slideshow never works (it seems to fail finding the pictures), even on EasyPhp.

    I’ve tried to place Image Rotator in wp-content/uploads, in wp-content/uploads/imagerotator, and in wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery, (and update the path to Image Rotator in NGG Options) but nothing change.

    Other Installed Extensions :
    * Lightwindow 2.0 for Images (tried to deactivate, no change)

    Thanks for your help.


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  • RiodaV


    I’m really sorry I can’t provide a solution but I’m facing the same problem, except that Slideshow never loads in my case.

    So, if you figure out something please let us know, I will do the same.




    I’m experiencing the same issue with this error:

    Error: jQuery(“#ngg-slideshow-1-507-1”).nggSlideshow is not a function
    Source File:

    Any ideas? The NextGEN code is in my source so it was apparently added properly.



    maybe I find a solution. Try to add this code just before you close your head tag:

    <?php wp_head(); ?>

    Mike Werewolf



    I’ve checked the two themes I use : they both already have this code just before the closing head tag, in header.php.

    Thanks anyway.




    I wonder if this observation of mine could be of help.
    Background: I updated both the WP and NextGEN to the newest versions today (3.0.4 and 1.7.2), both the automatic way and all appears to work fine.
    Now a couple of slide shows are behaving interestingly: the shows scroll through the pictures as earlier, but after the last picture there is a “broken picture symbol” (or a gray box or a alt/title text, depending on which browser I’m testing with. The box being gray is due to my theme, I strongly guess).
    When I click on the broken picture to look for it’s properties (to see the path etc.), I see this info about the picture: … .com/en/undefined , this undefined might help to resolve the question above? Could it be a JQuery topic?

    The site is under construction, but You may take a look at what I’m trying to describe here: -> further: the pictures under these two titles “A – bigger …” and “B – the smaller…”

    Another thing: both FireFox and IE hung up for a while when I’m updating pages etc. This is a new feature after updating. Unfortunately I can’t say if this happened after updating WP or NextGEN. I didn’t pay attention enough, sorry.

    BTW: when i look at the site in Opera (version 11), the pictures are stretched beyond recognition. All pictures. This happened already earlier, before updating. Haven’t really looked into this Opera-problem yet.



    A question to RiodaV: can this wp_head-function be moved down on the template source code? Can I brake something?
    I have it now as not-the-last-line before closing of the head tag.
    I use Atahualpa 3.5.3. and am not planning to update the theme quite yet since there seems to be some open topics with the newest version.



    wp_head() is used by well coded wordpress plugins to recognize the end of the head tag, in order to add elements such as styles, script, etc.

    You can move it and there aren’t serious risk because you can always move where it was before.
    For example I’ve placed wp-head not before the head tag but before some scripts and styles to fix plugins conflict.
    In the end it’s all up to your specify needs.

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