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    I’m having an issue with IE on one particular site. I know since its just this one site I’m having issues with, it must be an incompatibility issue, but I’ve deactivated and re-activated all of my plugins and still don’t have a solution. I was hoping someone could take a look and let me know if I’m missing anything.

    I’m using WP 3.0.1
    NextGen 1.6.1
    My own custom theme

    I’m only having this problem in IE and it is not a plugin incompatibility issue. Slideshow works fine in Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. – slideshow is in header on homepage only

    Thanks Alex for a great plugin!

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  • disable wp-ecommerce and check it again…

    Ok, I’ll try that in the middle of the night though (its midday here in Florida, US). I do not want to disable that plugin during daylight hours. Does wp-e-commerce usually interfere with Nextgen?

    No, but IE shows the error in that script

    I have the exact same issue with WP 3.0.1 and NextGen 1.6.1, but I do not have the wp-e-commerce plugin. And I too, thank you for a great plugin.


    You are correct… the slideshow works when I deactivate wp-e-commerce. I have a lot of custom code relating to wp-e-commerce in my theme, so it was like pulling teeth trying to deactivate it without any php errors. When in IE, the only error I am seeing is related to the quotes collection plugin. What is the error you see related to wp-e-commerce? I had to majorly hack the wpec plugin to get it to do what I wanted, so I don’t mind hacking it further to get it to work with nextgen. I couldn’t get the non-flash slideshow working either, otherwise I’d try that instead.

    Thanks for responding so quickly. I appreciate your patience and help.

    I think I might have found it. I have IE7 on my iMac (running Windows through Parallels), and the error reporting on IE7 sucks… no surprise there. So, I looked at IE8 on my PC and the error reporting is a bit better, and I was able to see the specific javascript file that is the culprit. Javascript is not one of my strengths, but I’ll see what I can figure out and I’ll report back.

    Ok, so I examined the code in the wp-e-commerce.js file and it was a livequery function related to their dropshop stuff (which I do not use), so I commented out those lines. Now I am no longer getting the wp-e-commerce error. However, the slideshow is still not working which is confusing me a bit. If disabling the entire wp-e-commerce plugin made the slideshow work, then getting rid of the javascript errors related to that plugin should fix it. Now I am getting another error related to a different js file I have in my theme folder.

    Message: Permission denied
    Line: 19
    Char: 27021
    Code: 0
    URI: … /jquery-1.3.2.min.js

    This js file was not interfering with it when I deactivated wp-e-commerce totally though and I need this js file for my homepage slider to work.


    Hi Alex,

    The errors are ONLY in IE 7, IE8 seems to work.
    I get 2 javascript errors:

    Expected Identifier, string or number
    ngg.slideshow.min.js Line:1
    Code: 0 char: 112

    Object doesn’t support this property or method Line: 71

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Alex,
    Line 71 is: jQuery.getScript(“”, function() {jQuery(“#ngg-slideshow-1-5-1″).nggSlideshow( (id: 1,fx:”fade”,width:940,height:350,domain:””,timeout:3000}); } )

    I too can’t get the slideshow to work in IE7.
    The js error is ‘Unexpected identifier, string or number’
    I’m using wp ver 3.0.1 and have no other plugins installed.
    It all works brilliantly on Firefox, Safari & Google Chrome.

    Glad we’re not alone. Same problem here: I installed NexGen using slide show and every thing works fine in all browsers except IE.

    In IE8 with IE7 standards I get:

    Line: 77
    Error: Object doesn’t support this property or method

    In the debug mode I see the following code with the problem starting at jQuery("#ngg-slideshow-2-89-1")...

    <script type="text/javascript" defer="defer">
    jQuery.getScript( "", function() {
    jQuery.getScript( "", function() { jQuery("#ngg-slideshow-2-89-1").nggSlideshow( {id: 2,fx:"fade",width:558,height:328,domain: "",timeout:10000}); } );
    } );

    I’ve never had any problem using this plugin before. I wish I had an answer to contribute but hopefully this helps someone find it.

    I should add the link to the website we are developing that has this problem:

    Ok, must be a IE7 issue… I will look into it. Can you confirm the same issue on my test blog with your IE7 browser ?

    Thanks for the reply: I found your test link breaks in IE8 if it’s set to IE7 Standards mode (using debug mode). In IE8 with IE8 standards it works fine (same as on my website).

    As a quick fix I loaded version 1.5.5 and everything works fine IE6 and up.

    Hi Alex,

    I concur with freemancontingent…your link does not work in IE7 for me either.

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