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  • I have been trying to figure out why the slideshow function is not working in my NextGen Gallery install. It was previously working and then I upgraded from 1.2.0 to 1.2.1 and it no longer works. It does not throw an error, it just comes up blank. I had a slideshow running on one of my pages ( and on the sidebar using the pre-installed widget and neither works since the upgrade. I’m new to WP so it may be a user error. I was contemplating rolling back to 1.2.0 but I have a lot of galleries already installed and setup on pages and would hate to have to redo that as I’m not sure of the process of rolling back a plugin in WP. I believe my shortcode for the page is right:

    [slideshow id=17 w=480 h=360]

    Please let me know if anyone else is having a similar issue and if you have found a fix. Cheers–

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  • Hi,
    when i try to visit your page my antivirus (avira) software is telling me: HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen.

    best regards

    ummm… that’s no good. Does anyone know how I could have gotten a virus on the web page? I have several plugins running, could it have been one of them? Please let me know if you have any suggestions out there and I’ll try loking on Google in the mean time. Thanks for the heads up bee

    After doing some research on Google, I have found the most likely cause for the virus error. Apparently, some virus scanners do not like certain things inside wordpress and blogger based blogs because of some of the iframe tags that are found within them because hijacks can potentially be hidden inside them (link). I believe that it is an iframe tag I have in the footer that automatically runs the wp-email.php command which is run to check for new posts that I have sent via a mobile update. I do not think there is actually a virus.

    Bee, which virus scan software are you running? Is it Avira? That software seems to have the most issue from my research with these types of tags. subsequent scans using Symantec and TrendMicro do not show any error.

    Is there anyone who might be able to help with my original problem with Next Gen Slideshows?

    I don’t see any virus on your page and I would also say that some virus scanner report now every iframe = virus, which is a bad solution.

    beside this, the slidehow file is not existing anymore :

    See my post :

    yes its avira, but this seems to be a new “feature” of version9 as its the first time i stumbled upon this, sorry for the trouble.

    best regards

    Alex, Thanks for the help and the great plugin. I guess when I upgraded it deleted the imagerotator.swf file and I didn’t even think to check for it when the slideshow wasn’t working. Silly mistake and, fortunately, easy fix. Thanks!

    Bee, I might suggest Avast Anti Virus. One of the better ones on the market and completely free. Cheers–

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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