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    This just started happening tonight, but when I add a single image from the NextGen Gallery using “singlepic” it doesn’t show the image, but if I click the [X] then in the lightbox the image appears. So it doesn’t embed it in the post but when you click into the lightbox it shows fine.

    The code I’m using is-
    [singlepic id=10 w=320 h=240]

    When I view the source, the image that does work on another page is referencing the cache where with a quick FTP peek I can see two images but that’s it, the rest of the images aren’t being cached.

    So when I look at the “problem” images, I see that the img tag is referencing-
    <img title=”bridgecanoer.jpg” alt=”bridgecanoer.jpg” src=”” class=”ngg-singlepic”/>

    the PHP file and not the cache as it should. I tested clearing the cache to see if it would break the two images that are working and it did not, their cached images were regenerated.

    Also, if I manually take the src address above and paste it into my web browser, it returns a 500 error.

    Can anyone help?

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  • croakingtoad


    A little research later and it looks like images that I upload via the NextGen uploader works fine, but if I FTP the images into the gallery folders and then “Scan for new images” those images do not work with the “singlepic” option.

    It doesn’t seem to be a permission problem…

    Any idea why?



    Same problem with me. It happened after I changed my web hosting. A quick check reveales that I am having GD library error where it says I am exhausting the memory alloctated. The weird thing was that this provider allocated 32MB of memory, twice the 16MB that my old hosting gave me.



    You’re right, I discovered the same thing last night. I have my own server so I’m going to try and adjust it but that sucks because I already loaded a ton of photos with descriptions, etc….

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