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  • This is what I’m trying to do at the moment. Did you find a resolution?

    Me too!

    I’ve searched through most of the threads on this forum and can’t find it being done before.

    The album/portfolio way might be the only option. Doesn’t work as well as what we want though in that it opens new pages.

    The album/portfolio way might be the only option. Doesn’t work as well as what we want though in that it opens new pages.

    Interesting – but I´d like it without opening a new page.

    In fact, I´d like to have four or five galleries on one page, each with only one single preview thumbnail. Click on that thumbnail opens the linked gallery without leaving the gallery page.

    Hello Dougal…

    Can you please give us some info on how to go about the album/portfolio way?

    Do you people think that if a coder gets hired ( he’ll be able to tweak the code to get what is needed?

    Thank you.

    Has anyone found a way to do this yet? It seems like such a basic thing. I’m trying to build a page with several categories of paintings so when you click on one of the images, the whole gallery opens in Lightbox without going to another page.

    Slightly off topic: Within that popup (in fact, I don’t even want a popup if possible), you’d see the thumbnails for all the paintings in that category. So far, I’ve been able to achieve this with Highslide (will try Galleria next).

    I keep ending up with closed threads that don’t have any answers.

    I want exactly the same thing as tronicman1.

    I’d like to use the Album concept… where it give you a small blurb/description and shows how many image are in the gallery…

    but when you click the image… I want the gallery to load straight away in a lightbox (or similar)… I don’t want the user being sent to yet another page where they either have to click through or sit and navigate through galleryview….

    I’ll keep looking

    Anyone figure this out yet? Can the creator, Alex Rabe, or any of his associates please answer these questions? Or anyone else finally figure this out???? I’ve attmpted to use the album method to do this, but all I get is a stacked set of images, that slide out on a new page when clicked. This is the last thing I need to figure out to get my website working, so this is super important! Thanks!

    I’d also really love to know how to do this. It seems remarkably simple.

    I’m joining in on the requests! Have issued a new topic about it, but no one is picking up the gloves yet… 🙁

    I want to have a page which is entirely a photo, and where ever you click it will open the album with all the related photos.
    another thing is having a photo as a button that opens a gallery with that photo and others or without that photo at all.


    I found a solution-sort of. It’s not perfect but I was under a time crunch and my client was happy with it, so I consider my problem to be resolved.

    I ended up downloading the WP Plugin, PWA+PHP. It’s a plugin that works with both private & public albums in Picasa. So, I created a couple private albums in Picasa, used the plugin to display them in my WP site and I got pretty close to what I wanted. The galleries are all displayed with only one image, so I can have multiples on one page. The only drawback is that each gallery opens itself up on a new page and expands when clicked, but the images open into a lightbox, and there is a link for them to navigate back to all the galleries. To see a sample, go here:

    The interface for setting this up is foolproof, so it should be easy. Good luck!

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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