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  • I’m using NextGEN 1.7.4 and PODS CMS 1.9.5.

    On all normal WordPress pages, no matter how deeply nested, NextGEN galleries work as expected. However, I have a number of pages created using PODS CMS. The page template is exactly the same as a normal wordpress template in all ways except instead of The Loop (and hence the_content() ), there’s a call to pods_content(), which grabs some PHP and outputs it. The header and footer of my pods.php page template are the same ones as those used by page.php.

    When viewing a gallery on a normal WP page, I get the thumbnails, they’re styled nicely, and the shutter effect works as expected. On a Pods page, the thumbnails show up, but they’re not styled and the shutter effect doesn’t work. It turns out that on the Pods page, none of the CSS or javascript is getting loaded. In the header of the Pods page, the only reference to NextGEN is this:
    meta name=’NextGEN’ content=’1.7.4′

    I have wp_head() and wp_footer() exactly where they should be – it’s the same header in each case, because I have get_header() calling it – so why is none of the CSS/js loading? None of my other plugins seem to have this problem, and they’re all getting loaded into both WP and Pod pages, even jj NextGEN jquery cycle.

    I’ve hardcoded NGGALLERY_URLPATH and NGGALLERY_ABSPATH, but that makes no difference – it works on a WP page, but not on a Pods page. Stuff is simply not getting pulled into the head.


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  • Additionally, the image browser and carousel features don’t work on Pods pages because NextGEN doesn’t understand which page we’re on.

    Let’s say my Pod page has a URL of
    Wordpress is installed in root, and the /food/fruit part is the Pod page slug.

    I have a NextGEN gallery on the fruit page. I would expect, from having seen it in action, links on the image browser and carousel would go to: etc.

    But they don’t – they link to etc. which obviously doesn’t exist.

    What’s going on, and why can’t NextGEN see the page we’re on? Can’t I make use a relative path, rather than an absolute one?

    Looks like you cross-posted, but your answer can be found at:

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