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  • I’m having a problem with the way that Safari is rendering Thumbnails created by the NextGen Gallery plugin for WordPress. The problem is also is occurring in Google Chrome.

    When you go to one of the gallery pages the thumbnails are all squished. If you return to same page a second time they will render correctly. Refreshing the page does not help. But if you go the sample page below. View it with the squished thumbs, then go to Projects > Artist’s Home from the Navigation a second time they will appear correctly?

    Example page:

    There’s a thread another thread in the WordPress forum, regarding this, but the only offered solution did not work for me.

    The problem does not seem to occur with the Default WordPress Theme.

    I am using Thematic Theme with a custom Child Theme.

    Very confused on this one?

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    I just posted that thread. It looks as if we’re both having the same problem.

    the only difference is the your code is lowering it to 25% width and mine is lowering it to 33%.

    Below is the section of your page source the problem is in. I just can’t find what controls that percentage.

    <!-- Thumbnails --> 
    	<div id="ngg-image-16" class="ngg-gallery-thumbnail-box" style="width:25%;" >
    		<div class="ngg-gallery-thumbnail" >
    			<a href="" title=" " class="thickbox" rel="artists-home" >
    				<img title="berkeley_main.jpg" alt="berkeley_main.jpg" src="" width="150" height="150" />

    turns out my estimation of the problem was incorrect. that percentage setting has no effect on the width of the thumbnails.

    These two settings:

    Set fix dimensions
    Crop square thumbnail from image

    if either is activated then it causes the narrow effect.

    however deactivating them leaves these tiny little bitty thumbnails.

    not great but better than the warped slim things.

    hopefully someone will figure this out soon.

    You must have your thumbnails setup for 3 per row, where I have mine set for 4 per row. Thus the 33% and 25% difference.

    Is your theme custom created from scratch or did you start with some other Theme and customize it? The problem doesn’t seem to occur with the Default WordPress Theme, so the issue must be somehow related to something in the Themes we are using. Maybe we can help each other determine what the problem might be by comparing features of the Themes were using?

    Hello, Im working on Thematic and have the same problem with Safari.

    It seems like the definition of width/height in the img-tag is in a strange way messing things up.
    When I remove that information from the output, the images are rendered as they are with no stretching. If the ratio is different the width will also differ and look quite messy in a gallery.

    A solution could be to crop the images to the same size before uploading, and remove the width/height information from the html-output.

    look in your theme’s css for something like img{max-width:98%;} I took that out and the problem went away. Solution posted in the other referenced forum as well.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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