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  • I forgot to post the link to the the site: Website

    You have to buy a license at longtailvideo to get it removed 😉

    well crap. I guess I’ll have to use a different slideshow because that logo is interfering with my dropdown menu.

    Anybody know a workaround?
    or a slideshow that looks as good?

    I’m on a rampage about LONGTAILVIDEO! The past 4 days I’ve worked really hard on my images to find out that the “jwplayer” logo interferes with my images.

    On top of that we have to give up our email information in order to get the download for the slideshow. It’s not right for them not to disclose that information before doing that.

    LongTailVideo is wrong for that! That’s one way to get me pissed off!

    The logo is like a dirty spot for this wonderful work.

    What did you guys ended up using instead? I would be very interested to know if there was a plugin alternative or if you hard coded another slideshow.

    Same problem. It seems that to remove the JW watermark logo you need to buy a full license, which is like 59 Euros. I’m even fine with a little link below saying “JW Player”, or to pay like $15, but to show the watermark on every single slide in the slideshow and then charge $100 to remove it? That’s a little bit less than nice. I hope Alex Rabe is making a ton of money off his deal with Long Tail video.

    Any ideas on how to use the NextGen gallery with a different slideshow would be much appreciated. Cheers.

    I have NO deal with Longtail I just use it since the first version and there was no logo. They changed their terms and added the watermark, I’m also not happy about this. If anybody knowa a good alternative slideshow, let me know

    Alex.. we were hoping you would know of an you made NextGen? 🙂 Great plugin! That slideshow watermark is hideous!.. Like LambWarren said – I’d be cool with a little link or something.. but for $100 I will just ditch NextGen and use a hacked version of WP-Cycle or something. Please hook us up with an alternative Alex!


    The slideshow is just an addon, it’s no core feature and it’s not my work…

    I already posted in the past a couple of alternative flash & JS solution (for free btw) :

    I will not work with Flash, because it’s enough work to maintain the core plugin. I’m happy to add an alternative is somebody knows a good one.

    PS. : I used the imagerotator since 3 years ( and it was the best solution during this time… but it’s the author freedom to add a watermark. Do not complain me for something which I have not done.

    I just plugged in an older version of imagrotator.swf that I had downloaded a year or so ago. Works perfect. I uploaded it for you guys to snag.

    older version:
    site to view it working:

    just plugged in an older version of imagrotator.swf that I had downloaded a year or so ago. Works perfect.

    Just did EXACTLY the same thing!! Snagged it from a client’s site I did last year.. Tried to ignore the watermark, and though it wasn’t bad I felt it cheapened the slide show I was working on just a little..

    Thank you ejk82, I didn’t really mind the watermark in the larger slideshow on my site. I just made the box tall enough that the watermark fell in black space above the image – but the slideshow sidebar widget was almost completely covered by the watermark, and that was annoying.

    Cool – great workaround ejk82!

    thanks ejk82! I’m looking forward to getting monoslideshow working, but in the meantime, this was very helpful

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 33 total)
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