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  • My NextGen-gallery has begun to show thumbnails of different sizes.

    I have unsuccessfully tried to delete the album and upload it again.
    It does not help to uninstall the plugin and reinstall it.

    (It makes no difference whether I am using WordPress version 2.9.2 or 3.0)

    Hope there is someone who will help. I really need it!
    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards
    Michael, Denmark.

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  • Addition: I have uploaded the same images on another website (same version of NextGEN Gallery and WordPress), and there it works as it should.

    Hello Michael,

    Did you know that you can go into manage gallery –>> select the gallery –>> then choose the action “create new thumbnails”?

    That will create new ones for you. Just make sure you go to options –>> thumbnails and select the size you want to use first.


    Many thanks for your reply!

    No, I never noticed.
    I have now tested the function. And unfortunately it does not help. It is still the same.

    Nobody?? 🙁

    I had the same problem but found that there were only a hand full of images that were the wrong size. Fixed each on by hand and that solved the problem.


    What do you mean by “Fixed each on by hand …”?

    They are all larger than the thumbnails, so it should not make any difference what size they have.
    I have another page with exactly the same plugin and the same images. And here it works as it should. They are all equal. I just don’t understand that.

    Hello there

    I have exactly the same problem. When i update one gallery, the thumbnails of the old pictures of this gallery, have a wrong size. In other cases, its not necessary to update a gallery to find this problem with thumbnails.

    I know that i can fix the problem with hand, updating each time the thumbnails of each gallery, but i have more than 800 different galleries, i dont think that this can be a solution (update 800 galleries can be a little crazy) :(.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    i can fix the problem with hand, updating each time the thumbnails of each gallery

    What do you mean?
    Updating by using “Create new thumbnails”?? If yes, that does not work for me.

    Hmm.. No answer. Annoying…

    Is there anyone who can tell me which file I can go in and adjust the size when the problem occur?
    It must be possible to do manually somewhere.

    I am having the same thumbnail issues. Sizes will not behave. Can’t find a fix anywhere yet.

    Not the perfect fix, but I figured out where you can at least manually change the thumbnail dimensions until a better solution is found.

    Open the database and find the table [prefix]-ngg-pictures. Find the image(s) whose thumbnails need adjustment. In the meta_data field, you’ll find the thumbnail dimensions listed at the end of the meta_data string. Change the width and height to the correct settings and commit the changes to the database.

    Worked just fine for the thumbnails I was having dimension problems with.

    Hope this helps someone else.


    Yes it is a little tricky, but it works. And a perfectionist like me prefer a solution like this rather than none at all.

    It is great. Thank you very much!! 🙂

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