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  • I am trying to use the Nextgen gallery together with Slimbox.
    It works fine for one picture.

    I would like to show a picture on the blog and when someone clicks on the picture it opens with Slimbox (so far it works), but then I would like to have the next and previous buttons in order to navigate through the according gallery.

    I tried it with the <a rel=”lightbox[test]” href=’….. tag, but it does not work. Only shows the single picture. test is the name of the gallery. Is is case sensitive? I also tried it with the gallery ID, but it didn’t work neither.

    Can you help me? Thanks a lot!

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  • hi Nina

    am having the same problem at the moment.
    Have isntalled slimbox yet without anything else.
    Do i need next gen to make a gallery running in slimbox ?

    and did you find a way for the button solution ?

    Is it right that slimbox does the image frame and nextgen is as database in the background for upload and buidling galleries, to make slides ?


    Were you able to get Slimbox to work? I’m using it with NextGen Gallery fine.

    Are you using the Slimbox plug-in from here?

    You might have to give us some more details to figure out your problem.

    I’m having the same problem. Here are my details;

    WordPress 2.7 is installed
    WP-Slimbox2 version 0.9.5 installed and activated

    When I view photos on the web site (Off the Dial), they load up nicely but don’t offer navigation buttons to cycle through the pics in the gallery. This was tested on Firefox 3, Google Chrome, IE6 & 7 with the same result.

    I’d also like to be able to fit the photo to the user’s resolution so that you don’t need to scroll to click the close button. If anyone needs any more info, just let me know.

    I’m fascinated to know how anyone can get NextGen to work with slimbox or whatever … I’ve tried every slimbox/lightbox etc plugin I can find to no avail, If I had hair I’d have pulled it out by now.

    I’m running WP on MAMP (fully up-to-date version) before I “sell” it to the client and put it live. He’s specifically asked for a “lightbox” effect with different images on different pages. I’ve installed Side Content widget and set up two test gallery which appear on the correct pages. It’s the use of slimbox or whatever that fails. Click on a thumbnail and up comes the new page with the pic in the top left corner.

    Inspecting the code I get this

    {a href=”http://localhost:8888/rocks/wp-content/gallery/company/horse.jpg” title=” ” rel=”lightbox[company]”}
    <img title=”horse.jpg” alt=”horse.jpg” src=”http://localhost:8888/rocks/wp-content/gallery/company/thumbs/thumbs_horse.jpg” width=”100″ height=”75″>
    ( {} added in place of <> so the code shows!)

    which implies that the code is getting added but no spectacular slimbox effect.



    What Slimbox plugin are you using?

    I would recommend the Slimbox2 plugin here:

    Greg has done a great job adding new features and keeping it up to date recently. It uses the jQuery library that comes with WordPress.

    Your code should look something like this:

    <a href="http://localhost:8888/rocks/wp-content/gallery/company/horse.jpg" title="" rel="lightbox-company">
    <img title="horse.jpg" alt="horse.jpg" src="http://localhost:8888/rocks/wp-content/gallery/company/thumbs/thumbs_horse.jpg" width="100" height="75">

    If that still doesn’t work we’ll have to see the code on the rest of your page.

    arrg, this BB software is sometimes not showing edits…

    Anyone know how to get the exif data to show up as the image description? I wasted hours yesterday messing around with stuff trying to get it to work.

    Thanks in advance.

    A curious observation from my previous post above …

    Once I put the wp site live, the live/shutter/slimbox plug ins work fine. They just don’t play running on MAMP on my machine.. lesson learnt.

    Cheers all,


    I realise for the image set to work in nextgen gallery, the autoload feature must be turn off. 🙁

    Is there any fix for this?

    I have Nextgen gallery working well with Slimbox. I set the Slimbox plugin to use the autoload feature.

    Then, in the Nextgen gallery “Effects” settings, I set “Javascript Thumbnail Effect:” to be “Custom”. I did not change the “Link Code line.”

    Now, Slimbox handles all the image displays for inline images as well as the gallery images. Seems to be working well.

    By the way, this is wtih wp-slimbox 0.9.5 and Nextgen Gallery 1.1.0.

    @mccomb: Are you using slimbox plugin or slimbox2?

    Which is your code under custom? Please share. I can’t get it working. Did you turn on the autoload feature? If it’s turn on, the imageset wouldn’t work.

    A temp fix for it would be to turn off autoload and use the add lightbox plugin, these 2 work beautifully together. The plugin author is still trying to find a fix for this conflict I think. 🙁

    @mccomb – I’m interested in your settings too.

    OK, I dont know if this is possible, but hopefully some of the Slimbox savy will be able to guide me…

    I am a graphic designer, and I want to display some of the publications I have done, they are anything from 80 – 152 pages, I have them all sized etc as jpegs (just for previews) – Can I have just the first image/page of each mag visible in a thumbnail, and link that to a Slimbox that will auto link (have next & previous button options) through the pages of that magazine.
    I really don’t want to have to show the 80 – 152 thumbnails on each page.

    Thanks for anyone who can assist.


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