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  • The widget that adds a slideshow isn’t loading the pictures in browsers other than IE7. I’ve deactivated, deleted, re-installed NextGen, but that didn’t fix the problem. (I said it did in another post, but I misspoke) Any idea what might be the problem?

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  • To be abe to use slideshow on nextgen you must install imagerotator.swf. Then you must point nextgen to the location of that file using: Gallery-Options and then on the right side of the page Slideshow.

    I am using imagerotator.swf. The widget works fine in IE7. It’s on FireFox and Safari that it won’t load. You can see it at my site…


    I instaled nextgen 1.3.3 and after 1.3.2 and with a simple post page the slide show does not works, did you have any tip for me?

    ps: The list images works


    I am having problems with NextGen myself. One thing that I recently did to fix a plugin seemed to clear up most of my problems with all of my plugins. It may not even apply to your question, but here is what I did…

    2 part solution…

    1. In your Dashboard… Settings > General I made sure “www” was part of the Blog address (URL) (It was already there for me)

    2. Using phpMyAdmin… I logged into my WP database > go to ‘wp_options’ > browse > find ‘siteurl’ > added the “www” to the siteurl

    After doing this most every plugin problem I had disappeared.

    same issue. see examples below.

    code I am using:
    <div id=”slideShow”><?php { nggSlideshowWidget(1,750,259); }?></div>

    my site:
    fresh install w default theme:

    What I have discovered is that if I have the Permalink set to “default”, then the slideshow works.

    If the permalink is set to “Day and name” then the slide show doesn’t work.

    Does anyone else see this?

    Does it work with the permalink set to “Day and name” for anyone else?


    my Gallery permalink option reads:

    “Activate permalinks: When you activate this option, you need to update your permalink structure one time.”

    Neither checking nor unchecking that option affects the issue. I do not see a “Day and name” sub-option. My Gallery/Options/Slideshow tab is curiously blank(!).

    The error that has been coming up for me is from nggwidget:
    '<a href="">Get the Flash Player</a> to see the slideshow.</div>'
    updating swfobject.js has no effect.

    IE6 shows an additional JS error:
    "'J.parentNode' is null or not an object"

    am using version 1.2.1 while this is sorted out. others can find said working version here:

    If you want to revert back to 2.7.1 here is the link for past revisions.

    I downgraded to 1.2.1 also, but that did not fix the problem. (I re-upgraded to 1.3.3). I set permalinks to default, and every other option. Checked/Unchecked “Activate permalinks: When you activate this option, you need to update your permalink structure one time.” in Gallery > Options.

    The “Day and Time” permalinks is not under “Gallery”. It is a WP option you’ll find under Settings > Permalinks.

    I was having this problem with version 2.7.1 also. I was hoping 2.8 would make it go away.

    I’m out of ideas.

    I was rebuilt my new WP install and got everything working there. Am narrowing down the conflict. It seems to relate to the DB. Multiple installs of this plug-in can create an irreparable DB. (Solution-wise, I’m still stuck. I’ve wiped the old tables and imported the working ones without effect. May have to rebuild WP.)

    I’m not so sure I’d want to go that far to get it working. Please post if you’re successful or not.

    my last broken version was erroring when making this call: (those last two numbers will vary.) Safari was logging the error in its Activity window.

    one of my fresh installs worked. [there were multiple unintentional reinstalls due to mistakenly having left the Fantastico window open. every time I reopened my browser, I reinstalled all of WP. yay.]

    OK – by some miracle I seem to have managed to fix this.

    What I did was delete the path to imagerotator.swf that was in the Next-Gen settings


    and then click the button to have it found. It came up with this

    so I saved that, and lo and behold now the slideshow is working while I have a permalink structure (set in the Word Press options) of “Day Month”, so a link to a page running a slideshow now is for example

    Does this help anyone else?


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