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    I’ve implemented a patch for next-gen gallery that allows you to display thumbnails independent of galleries. This does not replace the single-pic functionality, but is rather meant to complement it.



    To install the patch, simply copy the ngg-functions.php file in zip below to your next-gen gallery plugin folder. If prompted, overwrite the existing file. This patch is for the 0.97 version, but it should work with other version with minor modifications.

    –> Single Thumbnail Patch <–


    Simply add “[thumbnail=x]“, where “x” is the id of the image you want to display, to any post or page. This will be replaced with a thumbnail of that image. You can find an example of usage at my site here.

    Alex: Is there any chance this could be added as a permanent feature for next-gen?

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  • great idea, thanks. exactly what i was looking for here

    Great patch, I’ve been wanting single thumbnails for quite some time. Thanks for sharing.

    Is there any way to float the thumbnails if I want to have two or more thumbs side by side?

    I’ve done a similiar patch where you can set the float for each thumbnail.

    Syntax is: [thumbnail=id,float]

    Patched is applied to versions 0.98 and 0.99. There is another patch in the archive, which gives you full SSL support in the admin section.

    NextGen Gallery Fully Patched
    NextGen Gallery 0.99 – Fully Patched


    That’s wonderful! Thanks eremit! 😀

    Thanks for code changes, the upcoming v1.00 will include the new shortcodes.
    You can get this dev version here :

    Any remarks, changes or ideas are welcome.

    [thumb id=”4,5,12,…” caption=”none|alttext|desc” group=”thumbnail-group” float=”|left|right”/]
    You can now insert thumbnails for one or more images (that are not necessarly inside the same gallery).

    [picture id=”10″ caption=”none|alttext|desc” float=”|left|right” width=”” height=”” mode=”|watermark|web20″]extra caption here[/picture]
    You can now insert single picture with some effect, resized or not, with or without caption.

    Thanks a lot Alex — you are doing a really good job. By the way, will the SSL issues be fixed too? If you want, I can make some patch files of the SSL fix that I’ve done.

    The current trunk should fix all SSL issues.. if not, please let me know


    I hope I am not being presumptuous in asking. I am looking to see what I may be doing incorrectly with this awesome gallery the people here seem to be having the best understanding of.

    My issues are as follows:

    To be able to have one thumb display on my photo’s page and the number of pictures to be displayed below the thunb with a very brief description of what the pictures are of. Then when you click on the thumb it goes directly to the slideshow with random transitioning.

    To find out where I rename sub pages to Albums.

    You guys do great work.



    PS. Is there a way the browser will not completely reset itself when you forward to the next picture selection? after every new picture I need to scroll down to see it, and then repeat it over and over.

    Thanks 1MT (one more time)


    As I don’t use the trunk, I didn’t notice that so far. Do you have any plan when the SSL patches from trunk will be released in a public version?

    Nevertheless, as long as the patches aren’t in the public package, I will keep going on to apply the SSL patches and provide the package on my website for those users who don’t want to use the trunk version.

    it will be released as version 1.00, because the SSL feature is not backward compat

    Has your patch simply updated the ngg-functions.php file?
    I’d like to try it but not overwrite the whole install.


    it seems so, as it worked by replacing it,

    Thanks a lot!

    If there’s anyway I can set width-height max that would be great!

    OK just used max-height; in css…works fine kewl

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