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  • take a look at my site at

    the way i have the site set up is:

    there are two categories on one page.. on the left is the category that contains the videos. on the right is a category that contains the nextgen gallery. as you see the nextgen gallery thumbnails link to the videos..

    if you test the pagination does not work when you click to go to the second page to see the rest of the videos.

    not for sure what is going on here but if some one can please help out and correct me i would greatly appreciate it.

    thanks in advance.

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  • Is the gallery part of a post ? Or how do you added the gallery shortcode ?

    it is in a post under a category called video listing the post you see on the left is a under a category called toast tv.

    this might help as well…

    wordpress: 2.6.3

    nextgen: 1.22

    There is no nextgen 1.22. The latest is 1.01, but with worpress 2.6.3 you should use nextgen 0.99.

    sorry that was some thing else

    nextget: 0.99.1

    still stumped on a fix…

    bump, still can’t figure it out and i’ve been trying all day.

    i have the same problem. my page looks like this:

    large image
    large image


    < — more — >

    *Nextgen gallery code*

    and when i click on a gallery image i still see this:

    large image
    large image


    < — more — >

    *the gallery image that i clicked on*

    how can i make nextgen to take me just to the image that i clicked on , on a new page (with the next and previous image link)

    i have word├ąpress 2.6.2 and nextgen version 0.99.1

    bump for pagination issue.

    phattrance, it will take some recoding. if you google in some of the keywords that you are describing, i promise you will find the anwser. I had to rewrite some of the coding for nextgen gallery to be able to link the thumbnails to a particular video.

    if i remember correctly it should be an option in your nextgen gallery on the admin page.

    the thing is that ive been searching for it for 2 days now and haven’t found any solution that can help me =(

    this might be the solution to your porblem

    I still need help on my issue….

    Here is the left side post that I have on my site where the nextgen gallery is..

    <div id="tvCol">
    <div class="post" id="post-<?php the_ID(); ?>">
    			<?php (' <img src="" border="0" width="14px" alt="" />  ') ?>Video Listings<div class="postMeta"><span class="date"> </span></div><?php
    // retrieve one post with an ID of 5
    query_posts('category_name=Video Listings');
    global $more;
    // set $more to 0 in order to only get the first part of the post
    $more = 0; 
    // the Loop
    while (have_posts()) : the_post();
      // the content of the post
      the_content('Read the full post ┬╗');

    with my problem i noticed some thing.

    if i was to click on the post name of a post the it would take be to that post as a single post that falls under toast tv, the left side of the site where the videos are.

    that would change the url in the url box at the top of the browser. when doing so i notice if i was to click on the pagination of the thumbnail gallery it would add all the url stuff of the single post from the left post where the video are..

    i hope this makes sense.

    i think i need to find a way to change the nextgen gallery code to reconize the category name of video listings that it sits in so the pagination will work.

    any suggestions?

    don’t seem to be getting much help on here.. X(


    i’ve learned that the nextgen works with pagination only when posted in a page..

    is there a work around for this.


    short code in post under category video listings.

    videos are under a category toast tv

    where do i find the codes that makes the output link of the pagination for the gallery.

    example on my site


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