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  • HOi

    I want to order the different gallerys in the album by title.

    So i want to see first all titles with A, than B, than C, ….

    BUT they must show in group. Example:


    azerty picture




    Who can help me?


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  • Any idea?


    You can set any order you want for galleries within an album. On the manage albums page if you select an album you can change the gallery order by drag/dropping the galleries into whichever order you want. I just tried it and it works for me.

    If you have albums within albums (I don’t) then presumably it would work the same.

    For pictures there are some sorting options in the gallery settings setup page.

    there is no problem for order the album. The problem is that i want a title for each group.

    title: A

    album: antillen
    album: azerty picture

    title: B

    album: bangkok
    album: barcelona

    title: C


    You can use multiple album shortcodes to do that. Eg.

    <h2>album title A</h2>
    [album id=6 template=compact]
    [album id=3 template=compact]
    <h2>album title B</h2>
    [album id=7 template=compact]
    [album id=9 template=compact]........

    This lets you choose the order the albums appear in and also set extra h2 tags and titles for better SEO which you can’t do if using shortcode [album id=0 template=compact].

    See my site at for an example of how this displays. I also centered the h2 text by putting a div style around it.

    That’s what i mean, but i want it automatical.
    I want it with a “while”.

    Now i have in the plugin edit “ngg-db.php” on the folow function: find_album(id) :

    $query= "SELECT DISTINCT YEAR(galdesc) AS year FROM $wpdb->nggallery ORDER BY galdesc DESC";
    			$result = mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error()); 
    			while($rij = mysql_fetch_array($result)){
    				$year = $rij['year'];
      				echo '<h2>'.$year.'<h2>';
    			$album = new stdClass();
                $album->id = 'all';
                $album->name = __('Album overview','nggallery');
                $album->albumdesc  = __('Album overview','nggallery');
                $album->previewpic = 0;
                $album->sortorder  =  serialize($wpdb->get_col("SELECT * FROM $wpdb->nggallery WHERE YEAR(galdesc)='".$year."'") );	

    Now i have on my page (i work with years):


    2009-08-08 album 14
    2009-07-23 album 11

    I think it almost works. Just get also the albums by 2011 and 2010 en its super.

    Do you see my fold? thank you for hulp.

    i see my own fold. The gallery’s are show in album-extend.php in the folder view.

    But i have no solution to bring this in a good way. 🙁

    Nobody a solution?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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