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    Hi Mark,

    I am eager to check out your plugin as I am working on setting up a photography website. Being new to WP I’m a total novice and have no idea about what to do with codes etc. Do you have a step by step tutorial I can refer to? I see that it is downloaded as it shows it my settings, but not sure how or where to access the actual options to upload my photos or apply to my pages. If helpful, I am using the Hatch template.


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  • Plugin Author Mark Jeldi


    Hi Twistedboots,

    Thanks for downloading NextGEN Gallery Optimizer!

    Firstly, you’ll need to get yourself a copy of NextGEN Gallery…

    Once you’ve activated NextGEN Gallery on your plugins page, look for a “Gallery” tab at the bottom of your left sidebar in the WordPress admin.

    Here’s a little quick-start guide for you…

    1. Go to Gallery –> Add Gallery/Images
    Click the “Add New Gallery” tab, enter a name for your gallery and click the “Add gallery” button.

    2. Click the “Upload Images” tab, click the “Select Files” button and choose which images you want to upload from your computer, select the gallery you just created from the “in to” dropdown menu, and click the “Upload images” button to begin the transfer.

    3. Finally, to insert your gallery, just create a new post or page (Posts –> Add New or Pages –> Add New), type the shortcode [nggallery id=1] into the editor, and click the “Publish” button on the right to save your changes.

    And that’s it! Navigate to the page you just created and your gallery should be live!

    If you’d like to optimize this for speed, and/or add the Fancybox lightbox effect when you click on your gallery thumbnails, simply activate NextGEN Gallery Optimizer from your plugins page and check the Fancybox option on the (NextGEN Optimizer) settings page.

    After you do, just go to Gallery –> Options –> Effects, select Custom and enter: class="myfancybox" rel="%GALLERY_NAME%" to complete the installation.

    Hope this helps!

    This might sound silly, but why can’t I see the “Gallery” tab at the bottom of your left sidebar in the WordPress admin???

    I am completely stumped 🙁

    Plugin Author Mark Jeldi


    Hi studioeleven,

    Have you downloaded (and activated!) a copy of NextGEN Gallery?…

    Here’s what the tab should look like…

    Note: This is at least how it displays on the supported WP 3.1.2 or higher, running NextGEN 1.6.2 and up.

    Hope this helps,

    Ok, my screen looks the same. I am just so lost as to how to implement this into a page. I mean, do I go into the galleries tab or page tab? Do I use a blog template, portfolio, full screen page? How do I connect the gallery to show up on my page?

    I just can’t for the life of me figure this out and feel really dumb!!!!

    Plugin Author Mark Jeldi



    There’s no need to complicate things with templates etc. Just take your time following the step-by-step instructions above and you’ll be fine.


    ok, again with the silly questions.

    But I have read everything I possibly can and think that wordpress might simply be broken. I don’t know. Small things, like in “pages” when I can edit the text content of the page, I’m sure the TinyMce toolbar (opening up kitchen sink) is still there despite the fact it’s not active or installed anymore.

    I am able to create galleries, no problem. And I thought initally i was suppose to just enter the code into the shortcode generator however I have no means to insert it onto my page.

    Like I said, I am truly lost as to what I’m doing and just about to throw in the towel and just do everything in dreamweaver instead.

    Any advice would be appreciated, like I said, completely confused and very lost.


    What am I doing wrong, why do my gallery looks like this?


    Plugin Author Mark Jeldi


    Hi Jonatan,

    It looks as though you’ve got your thumbnail quality set really low in NextGEN Gallery. Please see Gallery –> Options –> Thumbnails and try adjusting the “Thumbnail quality” value to 100%.

    This change will affect all new photos uploaded, but to rebuild your existing thumbnails, you’ll also need to go to Gallery –> Manage Gallery, select all your image galleries, and from the “Bulk Actions” dropdown menu, select “Create new thumbnails” and click “Apply”.

    Hope this helps!



    Hi Mark

    I created my gallery then try to add the gallery to a post but the images is not slide but show next to each other.

    I try to change values in Option>> slideshow but it doesn’t work.

    Please help


    Plugin Author Mark Jeldi


    Hi Gus,

    I’m afraid I’m not quite sure what you mean. From your link, I can see you’re using the slideshow shortcode with the “scrollUp” transition, and with its width and height set to 500px. Your images themselves are only 215x80px and thus, far too small to display well.

    You’ll need to either upload new images at 500px or larger through Gallery –> Add Gallery / Images, or resize your slideshow at Gallery –> Options –> Slideshow to 215x80px.

    That doesn’t seem to be what you were asking though. Perhaps you weren’t using the [slideshow id=x] shortcode when you posted, but you are now?


    Hi, Mark!
    I know you have put so much work into this program. If I can make it work, I will definitely send a donation. The issue is me, not your program. I just need an uber simple way to show slideshows on my website.
    I want to post a slideshow for each client prior to their ordering appointment. I want to use music I have purchased and stored on my computer to accompany the slideshow.
    I have no trouble loading my galleries for still images that you click thru. This is nice, but I’d like a slideshow with each gallery. Animoto is killing me with their prices. I would rather give you some money and have a simple slideshow!
    When I click on ‘show as slideshow’, I am getting a screen that says, “The Flash Player and a browser with Javascript support are needed.” I downloaded again the newest version of Flash- which I already had. I use Firefox and am up to date on upgrades so I know that I do have Javascript support. What have I done wrong?
    I downloaded LongTail, but didn’t know how to install it. I’m not tech savvy so please tell me in simple terms.
    Me website is: href=””>
    Thanks so much for your expert help.

    Plugin Author Mark Jeldi


    Hi Lorelei,

    I’ve been doing some research, and due to your audio requirements, it would seem your best option would be to go with the Flash-based Monoslideshow.

    I’ve reviewed their manual, and there’s a “backgroundMusic” attribute that will accept custom MP3 files…so this sounds perfect! 🙂

    Integration is quite straightforward also thanks to a NextGEN add-on plugin called NextGEN Monoslideshow, which you can download here. Once that’s activated, you simply tell the plugin where your Monoslideshow file is located through the settings page, and add a shortcode (eg. [monoslideshow id=1 w=450 h=350]) into a post/page.

    In regards to the Flash error, it sounds like you were trying to use the JW Image Rotator in NextGEN…but it wasn’t installed correctly. Please see the last entry in NextGEN Optimizer’s FAQ for the steps.

    Hope this helps!


    “Once you’ve activated NextGEN Gallery on your plugins page, look for a “Gallery” tab at the bottom of your left sidebar in the WordPress admin.”

    Downloaded the plugin – but no sign of the ‘Gallery’ tab as you have shown in the image.

    Is this a paid-only plugin now? As I have a huge “New!…NextGEN Gallery Optimizer Premium!” at the top of my Plugin Admin window.
    And a “*** UPGRADE TO NEXTGEN GALLERY OPTIMIZER PREMIUM *** to add support for ALL TEN NextGEN shortcodes and more! NextGEN Gallery Optimizer improves your site’s page load speed by ensuring NextGEN Gallery’s scripts and styles ONLY load on posts with the [nggallery id=x] shortcode. Also includes and integrates the fantastic Fancybox lightbox script, so now you can have gorgeous galleries AND a speedy site!” in the List Of Plugins window.


    Plugin Author Mark Jeldi


    Hi iansss,

    In order to see the gallery tab, you will need to download and activate a copy of NextGEN Gallery. It’s a separate plugin…

    Optimizer is an add-on that helps improve the performance of NextGEN Gallery, and also includes auto-integration of the Fancybox lightbox effect for more professional presentation of your images.

    If you’d like a step-by-step guide to help get you set up, here’s one I wrote recently on Optimizer’s Installation page…

    The promo box and text you’re referring to are there to promote the extra features available in the Premium version. There is no obligation. If you do like the basic version however, and would like to support further development, donating for the Premium version would be much appreciated!

    Hope this helps!


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