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  • Plugin Author Mark Jeldi


    Hi Maasbeeld. Thanks for using NextGEN Gallery Optimizer Premium!

    To enable the Fancybox lightbox, please make sure you’ve activated the plugin and selected the Fancybox checkbox on the Optimizer settings page.

    After you do, just go to Gallery –> Options –> Effects, select Custom and enter: class="myfancybox" rel="%GALLERY_NAME%" to complete the installation.

    If this doesn’t sort everything out, please do let me know.

    Hope this helps,

    I am using nextgen gallery for wordpress 1.9.10 but my options seem limited to thickbox. i tried lightbox, but no captions text appears. i would like to plug in wp jquery lightbox but would like to know if that will cause a conflict, and, if so, what can i do?

    i am new at this, so proceeding with caution, but i would like to have more options than nextgen is offering.
    what i am looking for is this

    any help is greatly appreciated.

    for some reason, when i posted the above link, it deleted all the navigation arrows that were part of the effect?

    hmmm, just downloaded and activated the nextgen gallery optimizer, but the only effect i get is the fancybox with the captions outside the box. how can i get the captions inside the box and still keep the nav arrows which are in fancybox?

    also, is there any way to be able to maniputate the descriptions? such as making part of the text bold, and centering the captions inside the box? are these options available on the premium version?
    what i want is just like the link i sent, but with the nav arrows and X in corner.


    Plugin Author Mark Jeldi


    Hi willwoffjr,

    Thanks for using NextGEN Gallery Optimizer!

    Would you have a “file not writable” error notification on your plugins page in the admin, at all? If so, please use its suggestions to help you modify permissions on Fancybox’s css file. After that, simply refresh your plugins page and your nav arrows and the X close image should display as intended.

    In regards to changing the title display in Fancybox, please see the following post…

    You’ll want to set 'titlePosition':'inside' to achieve the style you’re after in your link. It’s also centered by default.

    And finally, in regards to manipulating Fancybox’s descriptions…yes, it’s definitely possible. Fancybox uses NextGEN’s “Description” fields at Gallery –> Manage Gallery –> “your_gallery_name” for the lightbox titles, and they can be fully-formatted using HTML and CSS. In fact, you can even include links! For example…

    This is an <i>awesome</i> photo of my cat. <b>RAWR!!!</b> To purchase, please <a href="" style="color: red;">click here</a> (cat not included).

    Hope this helps!


    thanks, mark!!

    ok…one more thing. the captions can be manipulated, but can the font and font size be changed? if so, how? be as specific as you can, please.


    Plugin Author Mark Jeldi


    Hi willwoffjr,

    The best way to modify Fancybox’s title font and font size would be to modify its main css file.

    In the Basic version of Optimizer, please navigate to Plugins –> Editor –> NextGEN Gallery Optimizer –> nextgen-gallery-optimizer/css/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css

    And in the Premium version, please navigate to Plugins –> Editor –> NextGEN Gallery Optimizer Premium –> nextgen-gallery-optimizer-premium/css/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css

    Once open, scroll down about two-thirds and you’ll see a css ID selector called #fancybox-title, which you can edit to suit your requirements. To match the styling in your example (which looks to be 13px Times), simply replace it with the following code…

    #fancybox-title {
    	font-family: Times;
    	font-size: 13px;
    	z-index: 11102;

    Hope this helps!


    I am using 3 plugins…the Nextgen Gallery, as well as Nextgen Optimizer, and, rather than using the fancybox that comes with the Optimizer, I am also using the Easy Fancybox plugin as well. I did this because I wanted the text to be inside the box and my only option with the fancybox of Optimizer was outside.

    Since I already made some changes to Easy Fancybox, and would like to stick to it (for now), rather than go back to the one supplied with Optimizer, is it still possible to change the font?

    If so, please explain.

    Thanks very much!

    Plugin Author Mark Jeldi


    Hi bwoff,

    Thanks for using NextGEN Gallery Optimizer!

    If you’re only using Fancybox on post/pages that include a NextGEN Gallery shortcode, I would strongly recommend using the Fancybox built into Optimizer…as it doesn’t load the lightbox scripts and styles on every page of your site.

    To change Fancybox’s title style in Optimizer:

    To change Fancybox’s font and font size in Optimizer:

    If you want to stick with Easy FancyBox however, the process for changing the font is the same as above, only you’ll need to navigate to Plugins –> Editor –> Easy FancyBox –> easy-fancybox/fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css to make your adjustments.

    Hope this helps!


    In November 2012 I got Nextgen Gallery Optimizer Premium 1.1.1 and was using it in conjunction with Wunderslider. Everything was working great for a couple months, including the fancy box effect on the gallery as well as the slider on the home page.

    My client updated to WP 3.5 recently (by inadvertantly clicking the “update now” link thinking she was doing something good).
    Shortly after, the gallery lost its light box effect (and the Wunderslider doesn’t display images, just the background shadow).

    Since I just paid the $15 for the premium a couple months ago, for now I just deactivated the premium and updated the regular NextGen Gallery Optimizer to 1.1.2 to see if the update would solve any of the problems.
    But no luck: the light box is still not working on the gallery. Any clues why???

    Site is
    the gallery is on the “Gallery” tab.
    The home page has the non working Wunderslider.
    I am contemplating doing the slider a whole different and not using Wunderslider, but will keep NextGen if I can at least get the lightbox effect back.
    BTW, I am also using LightBox Plus for effects on other single images. I’ve tried deactivating it but it had no effect on the gallery and it was working fine with NextGEN before.

    Addendum to my previous post (Mark’s very helpful reply in an email):

    I’ve been testing your source code locally, and can say I’ve discovered the cause of the issue with both your slider and the Fancybox lightbox. In short, it wasn’t the WordPress update, but rather an external update to the CDN version of the jQuery library on which these plugins both depend.

    Both Wunderslider and Optimizer must have a compatible version of jQuery loading on the page in order to function. However, as of January 15th 2013, the auto-updating Google-hosted version was bumped to the latest version of jQuery (v.1.9), which does not seem to be compatible. I have tested reverting it to the current version that ships with WordPress (1.8.3), and both plugins work without any problems.

    This Google-hosted version is being inserted by a plugin on your site called WP Socializer, and from looking at the plugin’s changelog, it appears a fix for this has already been made. I would suggest either deactivating the plugin, or updating it to the latest version (v.2.4.7).

    Strangely, WP Socializer seems to have been pulled from the repository. I did find it however, at the following link…

    In regards to the latest version of Optimizer Premium, I’m working on integrating an auto-update feature into the plugin, however it’s rather complicated and is taking much longer than I had anticipated.

    I had tried deactivating everything except the socializer – oops, but this worked.
    Thanks Mark you are a genius and I really appreciate your contributions.

    Plugin Author Mark Jeldi


    Hi myalkut,

    Thanks for your kind words 🙂 I’m glad I could help!

    Thanks for quoting my reply also…I believe this may be useful for many people as jQuery 1.9 becomes more widely adopted.

    Also, just a quick note for Optimizer Premium users…if you’d like to update to the latest version, please email me and I’ll send you through the link. I hope to have an auto-update feature integrated shortly, but until then, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    All the best,

    works great! thanks!!

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