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  • I’ve recently upgraded my blogs to 2.5 and with the new plugin updaters I’ve gone to NexGen .93 as well. When I put an image inline with text in a post, first you now MUST put it as left or right aligned to have the text wrap… otherwise it puts the image above all the text. This means I’ve now had to edit all the posts on my blogs just to add that tag… Annoying….

    Anyway, there is a fix for that so I’m working around that. My real issue is that when I put an image inline in a post, the spacing between the lines of the text gets closer together for the first paragraph. It does this on a few different themes but not all. I’m wondering if Alex (or anyone else) know what I need to edit to solve this… Is this in style.css or nggallery.css? I wouldn’t mind if it was for the entire post, but the posts look really bad with the first paragraph single spaced, then the rest double spaced….

    Please help!


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  • oh, another thing… the auto updater for lightbox messes it up. It puts it into a double layered folder in your plugin menu… lightbox.php needs to be in the plugin directory but it goes into plugins/lighbox2/lightbox.php and in that lightbox2 folder there is a lightbox folder.

    If you just update lightbox is stops working because of this, you have to disable it, FTP back in, delete the mess, then FTP it back in the way it should be (up one folder).

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