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  • Laudde


    Hello all,

    I am using NextGEN Gallery which is a great plug-in for your albums etc. It has a lot of options, one of them is Number of columns.

    I was wondering, is it possible to set the Number of columns for each page? I have some gallery’s where I want only 3 colums and an other page with 6 coluns. (It is possible to set it to 0 but that everything mess itself up.)

    So where in the code do I have to make some changes?

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  • Toshi Yoshida


    It looks like the column control display code is in /nextgen-gallery/view/ directory? Which file to edit depends on which gallery shortocde you use. As I use the gallery-caption option I’d have to edit the gallery-caption.php file.

    You could hardcode some/all gallery names setting some/all with a column value. Or, avoid hardcoding names by naming your galleries with a suffix like -3 and -6. When the updated code runs it could check the suffix and set the number of colums accordingly. That way the code doesn’t need updating each time you add a new gallery.

    I don’t know php so cant help with that part.



    Thanks for your reply mikeg9999,

    I am just using [nggallery id=x]
    It would be nice to change the shortcode with a suffix like this:
    [nggallery id=x col=3]

    I found in the following code in /nextgen-gallery/nggfunctions.php

    // fixed width if needed
        $gallery->columns    = intval($ngg_options['galColumns']);
        $gallery->imagewidth = ($gallery->columns > 0) ? 'style="width:' . floor(100/$gallery->columns) . '%;"' : '';

    If somebody could help me with this, that would be nice. My knowledge of php is also not the best. But I will try it myseld.

    Toshi Yoshida


    I like the [nggallery id=x col=3] suggestion.



    Laudde, I was looking for an option like this too. I have fixed this through CSS for now by changing the width. You can see the result here, hope it helps you:

    div#ngg-gallery-X-YYY { width: 370px; float: right; }
    X is the gallery-id and YYY the page-id

    An option to do [nggallery id=x col=2] would be great indeed!



    Hi Jeroen,

    Nice job. And than you set columns=0?
    I still want to [nggallery id=x col=2] option. That would be awesome.



    That’s right, columns = 0

    However, the option you are suggesting would be better!



    Please make yourself familiar with the template option like this:

    [nggallery id=1 template=sample1]

    You may google for it, this will solve your problem. Regards, Uli

    As as follow on from Uli above…

    You can set the number of columns for an individual galley page/post by using the WordPress Custom Fields function and the NextGEN ngg_gal_Columns parameter.

    For example, to have 3 columns you’d edit the gallery page.
    Clck “Add Custom Field”
    Click “Enter New”
    In the Name field enter ngg_gal_Columns
    In the Value field Value= 3
    Then click “Update” to publish to update the page.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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