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  1. Ballet News
    Posted 4 years ago #

    So Alex asked me to post my question here.

    Since upgrading this morning I cannot upload any images. The page upload images does not load. Even using the button on the overview page takes me to a blank screen.

    All the other pages load fine.

    This is a very major issue for me and I have an urgent need to fix this by tonight.

    I would appreciate some help! thanks

    site is http://www.balletnews.co.uk


  2. Alex Rabe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Here are some test you should do at first :

    1. Check first with other browser
    2. Check for script errors
    3. Reupload the plugin again (delete & upload via FTP)
    4. Disable other plugins for a test

  3. Ballet News
    Posted 4 years ago #

    The problem is identified as a browser issue.

    Your update is not fully compatible with windows 9.

    Can you fix this please ? Urgently! It doesn't help me one bit if it works in another browser. I know you developers all loathe windows but I and the majority of my readers use it and so it has to work.

    It's majorly important to me - if you look at me site you will see how I rely on your plugin which until today has worked perfectly and since I am not in the least bit technical this has been a great help.

    Please advise soonest. thanks

  4. Alex Rabe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Here it works under IE9, no idea where you see this as browser issue, clear cache, check again...

  5. Ballet News
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I've cleared cache. Still the same.

  6. Ballet News
    Posted 4 years ago #

    the other thing I've noticed since your update this morning is that on every gallery I've previously made, two of each image now shows up in the post.

    You can see this for yourself if you look at every post under the Strictly Come Dancing tab on the homepage.

    Please can you fix this as well as the page not displaying urgently?

    This site is my business; it's not a hobby.

  7. Alex Rabe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    From which version do you upgrade ?

    If this is your business, you should done a backup, maybe you should return to previous version and check on a test system the new version first.

    This plugin is my hobby (and for free); it's not my business

  8. Ballet News
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I upgraded from your latest version to this new one. I find if I don't upgrade when you issue one then the plugin doesn't work for me at all.

    My technical team tell me that there isn't any reason why all but one of the pages would show up in IE9 but the crucial one - to be able to upload images - doesn't. They feel there is an error in the upgrade itself.

    If I revert to a previous backup, your plugin will not work at all for me so that's not an option. I need to find a fix for these issues. Understand it's a hobby for you but there was no warning that this might not be compatible or that I might have issues - and as I've said I had no option other than to upgrade - the plugin didn't work at all once you'd issued the upgrade. I don't have the capability to 'test system' - I'm a journalist not a technician and there is only so much my team can do, since they did not create the plugin.

    Since everything was fine prior to the upgrade, and since I can't go back now that you've issued the upgrade, the concensus is that there is something in the upgrade that isn't quite as it should be for IE9, especially with the duplication of images on older galleries.

    So, have you been looking at what could be wrong because there is a limit to what I can do at this end and I have tried all your suggesetions - I don't believe it's an issue with my system otherwise none of the pages would load.

  9. Ballet News
    Posted 4 years ago #

    ps sorry I meant to add; I understand that the plugin is free but you do receive dontations and indeed I would have donated; but it has to work reliably all the time for me to do that, and when it doesn't work, it has to be fixed quickly. This has caused me a lot of wasted time on the weekend so far which I really don't need and I would appreciate it if you'd have a look at the upgrade and see if you can find any potential issues.

  10. Ballet News
    Posted 4 years ago #

    And finally, the duplication of images across all galleries is happening in Safari 5 as well as IE9.

    The tehcnical team suggest that this indicates a problem with the upgrade rather than anything at this end.

    Please advise soonest. thanks

  11. Alex Rabe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Have you disable other plugins just for a test ?

    There exist an issue with simple-facebook-connect , see http://wordpress.org/support/topic/plugin-nextgen-gallery-compatibility-issues-with-other-plugins-fcb?replies=28

  12. Ballet News
    Posted 4 years ago #

    thank you. I don't use those plugins.

    We reently went though an exercise of reducing drastically all the plugins and testing them with NGG.

    Again, the technical team tell me that these issues stem from the upgrade itself, since all was absolutely fine beforehand.

    Therefore, rather than asking me to check every last thing at this end (which we've done anyway) could you take a look at the coding of the upgrade and see if there is anything that might be causing these issues ? The team thinks this is the most beneficial route and don't actually know what else we could try at this end.

    If the duplication of the pictures was only happening in IE9 that might narrow it down slightly, but it's not. Have you checked to see this for yourself ? Hopefully the information I've given you will be enough for you to check the coding and see if you can issue another update to fix these issues.

    Once again, I have an urgent requirement for this to be fully functional for me by tonight (7pm latest). thanks

  13. Alex Rabe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Also verify is the double content show up as well in the admin section. Same with new galleries ?

  14. Alex Rabe
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I need to leave now, check this tomorrow. Sorry can't help now... don't see here anything in my upgrade procedure, if other user report the same or my test will show up this fault, I surely will look into this.

  15. Ballet News
    Posted 4 years ago #

    You're suggesting that I'd duplicate my own work ?

    I can't see this is helping to solve the problem and now it looks as though it won't be fixed at all.

    Seriously unimpressed.

  16. Ballet News
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Further tests have revealed that in fact, there IS a problem with your upgrade and NOT IE9 or any other part of my computer system.

    Here is the error message showing incompatibility :

    Missing the call to wp_head() in your theme

    Would you please amend the coding in your update so that it is in fact compatible with my theme which is the Woo Theme Fresh News.

    I am assured that there is no need for me to pay a developer to do this work for me as your update should have been be fully compatible.

    I trust that this information will allow you to focus on your update and correct the error/s.

    Please advise soonest. thanks

  17. IamNotElvis
    Posted 4 years ago #

    @Ballet News Why don't you downgrade the plugin until the developer has time to check the problem? You cannot expect that - even after a *donation* - the developer is working hours on his plugin if you are the only one with such a problem. Don't get me wrong, but if you need something "ASAP", you need to hire a professional developer for some hundred bucks... especially when it comes to "business products"...

  18. jpivan
    Posted 4 years ago #

    To: Ballet News
    Do next:
    Tools -> Compatibility View Settings -> Remove (your site from) "Websites you've added...", then Close.
    Refresh (F5).
    Good luck!

  19. inniskr
    Posted 4 years ago #

    As for me too, wehen I upgrade 1.8.4 to 1.9.0,
    I can't see anything in add gallery/image menu page.

    other pages are show up as usual(only that menu page).

    when I use IE8, it shows as usual, but in IE7 it's not show up.

    I've tried
    1. delete plugin and reupload,
    2. deactivate all plugin and activate only nextgen gallery,
    3. clear all cache.
    but same results comes. Below is Script Error box message.

    "An error has occurred in the script on this page.

    line: 398
    Char: 11
    Error: Expected identifier, string or number
    Code: 0
    URL: http://~~~~/admin.php?page=nggallery-add-gallery"

  20. jonforst
    Posted 4 years ago #

    ha ha

  21. inniskr
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I've noticed that "Error: Expected identifier ~" thing is
    IE6 script error message. It need to remove comma(,)
    at the end of array or hash.
    So I looked addgallery.php in \nextgen-gallery\admin\ folder.
    Line 333 in my Acroedit, there is a line
    // File Tree implementation
    root: jQuery("#galleryfolder").val(),
    you need to delete last comma like below,
    then it show's image upload page.

    root: jQuery("#galleryfolder").val()

  22. edlund
    Posted 4 years ago #

    @Ballet news If you get the error message that your theme is missing a call to wp_head() then your theme does not comply with the standards, and you should update your theme according to the specifications and see if that removes the problem.

    Here is a link to the documentatino about wp_head() http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_head

    If you can't do that your self, you should contact the theme developers.

  23. Ballet News
    Posted 4 years ago #

    thanks. The point is that the developer has upgraded the plugin and made it imcompatible.

    It is NOT down to me to fix this. Sure, I could pay someone hundreds of pounds to fix it but it's not my call this time.

    I'm not the only one with this problem as you can see.

    Just because something is free doesn't meam it's fine for it not to work!

    I spent a pointless 5 hours on this on a Sunday. Pointless because the error is, as I said all along, with the upgrade and not with anything at my end.

    I do hope that Alex is able to fix this bug and issue a new upgrade today. It's not at all unreasonable that if you've send out soemthing that doesn't work, you should prioritise a fix for it.

  24. asomy
    Posted 4 years ago #

    And it's not at all unreasonable that if you upgrade something, you make a backup first - even if you are no technician - and restore if upgrade fails. Developer gets response from you and fixes bug. That's it - no one gets hurt..
    So, I'm completely with IamNotElvis.
    Maybe it's his fault - maybe not. But even if it is, you should be fair enough to give him some time to fix this. As he already said - it's his hobby and you didn't hire him. You knew that before. I don't think he's available 24/7.

    It is NOT down to me to fix this.

    No, but it's up to you to be patient, wait and use previous version ;)

  25. rgarza28
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello Alex,

    My upgrade to version 1.9 from 1.8 also broke and was not able to upload any images. I was getting the following error:

    Fatal Error: Class 'CommentsinterceptorADMIN_RS' not found in: /home/content/Vo/v/lovelycreation/html/ciclistasurbanos/wp-content/plugins/role-scoper/comments-interceptor_rs.php on line 33

    I deactivated the plugin role-scoper and tried again and it now works.

  26. Ballet News
    Posted 4 years ago #

    asomy as I've said already, I CANNOT use the previous version of this plugin because whenever an update is issued it does not work unless I accept the upgrade.

    Of course I back up ! It's my business.

    I have been patient. It's now been a whole day and guess what, nothing ?

    What I am annoyed about is the 5 hours I wasted on Sunday trying to persuade Alex the developer to do something to look at his upgrade, when all I got by way of response was to try to fix things at my end. That is what annoys me. When people push back to the customer WHETHER THEY PAID OR NOT and leaves it to the customer to fix.

    As I've said before, just because you do something for free and as a hobby does not mean it's okay to put something out there that doesn't work and then leave it.

    My impression yesterday was very much that since I was the only one talking about the failed update, it wasn't a big issue and that the developer wasn't going to do anything. I was even forced onto this forum rather than having my question answered on the developers own blog which further wasted my time!

    There is nothing at all wrong with having high expectations and they are absolutely not being met at the moment.

  27. T Klein
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Ballet News, the plugin works fine for a majority of people. Including myself.

    This problem sounds like it is on your end not on Alex's end. wp_head is a basic wordpress function it has nothing to do with anything next-gen gallery. If you are missing that call on your website, the issue goes far beyond this plugin.

    Not being able to downgrade to a lower version doesn't make any sense at all either. It just adds proof that their are far more problems with your wordpress installation then this plugin.

    Also, it is a FREE plugin. You have no right to tell him how to do his job, if you have high expectations that is your own fault. The entire plugin is open source, go learn PHP and fix it yourself if you are so angry at the developer. Believe it or not, he does have a life outside of developing this plugin and needs to pay his own bills. He did this as a hobby and a service over a million people have downloaded this plugin and yet he still provides it as a free service. He should be praised for what he does.

    Lastly, did you run the plugin check option on the "overview" page of next gen gallery?

  28. edlund
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Just to add a bit, I just ran the plugin check and I also get the error

    "Missing the call to wp_head() in your theme, contact the theme author"

    However, I know and double and triple checked. I do call the wp_head(). However, it seems that if you use a minify plugin which strips comments then this error might show anyway. I am not sure that is the problem Ballet news have.

    @Ballet news, I have no clue why you must update as soon as it says there is a new version. That is certainly not the case in a healthy wordpress install, and you should certainly look into this issue.

    And to be honest you make your self look like a fool right now, by issuing this behaviour. Alex has been very nice to put his source code out for everyone to use. However, he does not have access to test every combination of browser/plugins/themes. Therefore this happens from time to time. If there are bug in your combination, you have three options: 1) wait for him to have time 2) Pay him to fix it 3) Fix it your self.

    @inniskr I get the same problem in IE8 and can fix it by the same fix you suggested.


  29. T Klein
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Edlund - what theme are you using? Is it a free one I can look at? I use WP-Minify but i don't think it strips out php comments.

  30. edlund
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I use a modified version of Thrilling theme. http://www.thrillingheroics.com/thrillingtheme/

    And I use W3 total cache for caching and minifying. I have enabled the option to strip out html comments. As soon as I disable the minification of the html and thereby the comment removal the test passes fine. So I am pretty sure the error pops up only because html comments are removed in my cache/minify plugin.

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