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  • I am running the latest versions of wordpress, qtranslate, and nextGen.

    both qtranslate and nextGen are great plugins. However, when both are activated, nextGen does not work. The icon to easily add galleries, albums, and singlepics does not work – but rather appears to work but does not insert the media. If i use the wordpress icon to insert media, I can insert individual photos from the NextGen gallery, but if I want to use ‘singlepic’ it inserts shortcode which appears as text on the front end. I have contacted the author of qtranslate who says that this is an incompability – his suggestion:

    The easiest way is for nextgen gallery to detect if qtranslate is running or not and send to the qtranslate editor instead to the not available original editor of WordPress.

    I’m a php beginner, so I was wondering if anyone wanted to take a crack at this to share with me? It would be really greatly appreciated as I need this particular site working by Wednesday!!

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  • Maybe the autor of qtranslate can give you some detailed example what changes are needed for plugins to be compatible with qtranslate

    Hi, I have the same Problem and in the qTranslate Forum the Author wrote:

    by Qian Qin on Sat Jun 28, 2008 1:20 pm
    yes, I can give some infos about qTranslate:

    The qTranslate textarea has the id “qtrans_textarea_content”, which uses the same tinyMCE as WordPress does. nextGen could detect if there is this editor and should send the content to this editor instead of the original editor, which is unavailabe when qTranslate is enabled.

    It would be realy nice if bouth Plugins would work together…

    Thanks a lot for your great Plugin Alex


    hey, was there any further interaction between qTranslate and NextGEN? that’s the only thing I am missing in my website (translating the description of my photos).

    I’ve posted on the subject of multilingual blogs/websites using NextGen before, without resolution. It’s frustrating because NextGen is an excellent plugin, and much of the internationalization work has been done on it, unlike many plugins. However, when I use it with qTranslate I only get English text. I have even failed to get it to work monolingually in the language of my choice – setting WPLANG to de_DE and with the corresponding file present in the NextGen lang folder.

    Other plugins work well with qTranslate out of the box (e.g. Advanced Search Lite) – but I have no idea why they do and NextGen does not. I don’t have the skills to make this work so I (and clearly others) are in your hands Alex. Because most Welsh websites are bilingual (typical I imagine for minority languages) compatibility between qTranslate and NextGen is crucial.

    For what it’s worth, if you can get NextGen to work with qTranslate I’ll translate the nextgen pot file into Welsh.

    I’ve made some progress, with the admin interface now being translated and the [Show Picture List] and [Show as Slideshow] links displayed above galleries now showing up in the correct language. I achieved this in the by accessing the Gallery>Options>Gallery admin page and using [lang_xx][/lang_xx] tags around the two text entries to the right of Integrate slideshow:

    [lang_en][Show as Slideshow][/lang_en][lang_cy][Dangoser fel sioe Lluniau][/lang_cy] and [lang_en][Show Picture List][/lang_en][lang_cy][Dangoser Rhestr Lluniau][/lang_cy]

    Outstanding issues:
    When you click on the above link it always displays the relevant page in the default language – rather than sticking to the previous selected language.

    The “Next” “Prev” literals etc. displayed when you click on an image are still only in English.

    Any thoughts on these issues?

    Sorry to renew this topic but I have the same problems with polyglot, I’d like to know wich part of the nggallery plugin I have to edit in order to get the titles of the galleries understand the languages tags!

    Thank you

    By copying & pasting from the original WP functions I arranged this little function to parse whichever url I want, and to get it properly catched by qtranslate. It seems it works. As a note, I am not a seasoned php programmer and therefore this code would not be the best possible one, and it is just that, a copy/paste work, I am not asking for any credit. My goal was to parse url for a login system for a template theme and make it work whether qTranslate was active or not.

      function esta_direccion($cadena = '') {  
         $cadena is a url value,
         or whatever as long as it is under the wordpress
        $cadena = clean_url($cadena);  //Wordpress function
        $cadena_html = "$cadena";  //Wordpress function
        $cadena_html = apply_filters( "esta_direccion", $cadena_html );  //Wordpress function
        return $cadena_html;

    Note that this function output is properly catched and parsed by qTranslate.

    Point is: If hopefully NextGEN makes their link constructors work in a similar way, maybe it will work with qtranslate out of the box.

    Now talking about the “Show as xx” texts issue, well I fixed them in a similar way as alarch, I used qtranslate language tags: <!–:xx–>text here<!–:–> in the admin panel, so no complains about it YET.

    I hope some php masters could modify NextGEN url constructors.


    At the time I was writing the above post I found this approach:

    It may help us.

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